Past #0176

2.23am: Drank a bottle of sake… hahaha.. blur now.. a bit.. cried a lot just now.. With Nana… Why? I’m sad.. sad.. sad.. depressing… hahahha… Spare me… Why?… I dunno…I cried.. hahahahahha… hahhaha… I miss him.. wahhahaha…. I’m going nuts… 8.46am: *Open up the brain, dig and dig.. throw a chunk of shit away* … […]

Past #0175

Today is JY’s birthday… yah.. then? HAhaha.. nothing lah, just mentioning only. Sigh.. So tired.. Four days never touched any books liao. Tomorrow.. I’m going back to hall, and start my engine. Really have to start. Can’t stop. Till end of exams. Stress? Not really. Dunno why also. Just came back from cousin’s place in […]

Past #0174

1.08am: Attended my friend’s sister’s wedding.. heehee.. Tho’ I don’t really know her sister. But anyway.. envy? Yah.. kind of but at the same time.. NAH… leave me alone.. I mean, the guys… Can’t trust them.. eeeuukk.. 9.07am: I’m amazingly still so tired. Think I’m going to become a pig soon. Hahahah =PP Later gotta […]

Past #0173

1.01am: *stabbed knife into heart* ouch.. *put salt onto wound* ouch ouch.. That’s how I’m feeling now lor.. *sob* *sob* Why bother to tell me??? Why? WHy? WHY??? I don’t want to hear anything about the both of you. Spare me PLEASE!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE!!! Let me live my life alone.. *sob* 1.35am: Great! I think I […]

Past #0172

12.19am: Auntie Koh’s birthday today… Dunno why but I’m feeling kinda weird. I’m just afraid… It can’t be true right? sis.. 12.06pm: Gives me the creep. Gives me the creep. *shiver* SHIT! hm.. Did I do something wrong again? O.o? Nah.. I’m only treating him like a friend, and nothing else. -.- Nope. Thats IS […]

Past #0171

Had quite a lot of fun yesterday night, or.. should I say, this morning. not exactly fun, but something which I long time never been through – Hall Life, Supper. Heehee… Brought some snacks over for my sister, don’t know why, but felt very happy when I saw him. Probably it’s been quite a while […]

Past #0169

12.15am: Finished bathing, now hair very wet. Went to watch American Pie: The Wedding just now. So funny. Nice show nice show. Who I watch it with? Hmm.. someone I knew only on the 14th. Hahaha.. Alright lah, my friend’s friend. Then talked to him through ICQ, can click bah. Very funny guy. 10.00am: The […]

Past #0168

7.03am: Woke up early to do my neural report. Found out that one of my friend already up. Can’t sleep. Is relationship really that difficult to handle? He’d been having some problems lately. They’ve been together for quite long, ever since I really knew both of them. She’s been going out with friends very often […]

Past #0167

3.56am: Don’t think I’m crazy. Not sleeping yet… at this time of the day.. No lah.. I rushing my project. Game programming. Tomorrow demo. Want to make it look nicer ah. =) *yawn* Oh.. not tomorrow.. its today. Still got my econs quiz too! Early in the morning.. @@