Past #0136

12.56pm: heehee… me in FYP lab again again.. using the emulator to check my email. wahaha.. siao right? but never mind lah. Aiyo, got game assignment to hand up this sunday. Then monday early morning, around sunday midnight, gotta go send JY off to the airport. I hate the airport ever since after xxxxxx left. Then monday 8.30am got econs quiz! *collapse* *faintz* sigh…

6.50pm: First day it rained when I’m in the hall. Very nice and cooling. Just found out that I think I can’t use Flash to do my assignment, ‘cos would have to implement my own script.. sian.. Think tonight no need to sleep. Can’t get my piggy already… sigh.. So many things to do.. So little time. Very sian now… really..

11.56pm: zzz… so sleepy.. how… have to start assignment… *soob*

Past #0135

1.00am: Its really early now. Haven’t sleep. But sleeping soon. Roomie sleeping already. Me listening to song. Got lots of things inside my head now. Just now talked to my friend about him again. Really happy then. Whenever I talked about him.. I’ll be so happy. Truly happy. Not faking it.

8.53am: Okie, just realised one thing. No matter how late I slept, over here, I still woke up at 8am.. more or less there.. aiyo.. now still a bit blur blur.. Dunno if today got go out or not. But gotta start doing my assignment 3 again.. Another assignment.. I just had a short rest only.. sigh.. Never mind.

Past #0134

Okie, today I definitely have to install my FYP software and start something. Now of course I’m in my FYP lab again. Haven’t manage to do anything yet. Stress ah… then the game also. Dunno what to do now. Headache. Then like going to be sick ‘cos my roommate is sick. Cannot afford to be sick leh..

Past #0133

7.20pm: Alone in my hostel room 49-2-943 (Block, level, unit). Cecilia never stay today. Only ME. First day. Finished wiping and cleaning all the stuff. Actually now very sleepy. But promised Ah Bee that I’ll go JP with her at 8pm. So.. zzzz..

10.15pm: Black out. Yah. Was trying to boil water and make green tea. But sigh… now so hot, so dark… alone some more..

10.34pm: Finally got light again!

10.37pm: No lights again.

Past #0132

Back in my FYP lab. Had wanted to install all the programs but end up, I miss out downloading one software.. so.. will have to postpone it to another day. So today can only do with studying. Anyway, I think I really need to study already. For the past 2 weeks never touched on anything. Gonna catch up a lot of things. Taz! By the way, me today very happy ‘cos yesterday manage to finish my assignment and heehee… well, chatted with someone that brightens up my whole day! *wink*

Past #0131

wah… still so tired. Whole night never sleep on thursday, just to queue up for the application for the halls. It’s so stupid and crazy. Got people start to queue up at like 4pm!!! Can’t believe it right? First time this semester, skipped the whole day lessons. Too tired to be able to concentrate on anything lah. So chose to go home instead. Later gonna go buy some toiletries. Must save a bit of money ah. Oh yah, JY helps me bought my thumbdrive, but haven’t got it from him yet. Still got my umbrella and ‘Friends’ CD still with him. And the computer that he’s going to pass to me! =P hehehe…Okie.. gonna go walk walk a bit. Yesterday went for the Metro measurement thingy… Gosh!.. OMG! *gasp* my figure is DEFINITELY getting WAY out of SHAPE. *sob*

Past #0129

9.48am: I’m not stress up now. I’m just plain tired and sian. It’s back again. I dunno why. But probably ‘cos he’s leaving. Getting quite bad. Plus furthermore recently rushing the stupid assignment. I haven’t got enough sleep. And yesterday computer still kena virus. Blaster.worm or something like that. Made me stayed up till 2am to clean it up and make sure it doesn’t attack again. Later going to meet FYP sup. Then have to sell a book to a guy without hp, meeting him at 2pm? He said he didn’t know how to sms me! Goodness! Then after that have to rush do

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Past #0128

11.43am: Just took a lift with a note saying “Lift under servicing” Hahaha… I’m so glad I never got stuck inside. *phew* Started playing the freecell game again, from #1. Heehee… Got 1,000,000 games altogether, let’s keep track and see how long I’ll take. I’m now at #12.

12.52pm: Okie, played until #20. Must stopped and study already. Still downloading the file… aiyah.. think really need to buy a thumbdrive. Else like that really troublesome leh. Download for so long..

6.37pm: Until the #23, have to replay that one, can’t pass. Just had dinner. And now… back to my opengl! Yeah!! I’m going crazy! .. Never mind lah, I’m not the only one. =P