Past #0155

1.05pm: Very tired and sleepy now. Yesterday or should I say, this morning, I slept at 4am. Missed my morning 8.30am econs tutorial =P Couldn’t wake up. Too tired. Why? Heeheee… Because I stayed up to watch Formula One!!! Wahahaha… Alright lah, it was a really exciting race this morning. And what’s BEST, MONTOYA IS OUT! He cannot win the title. Me don’t really like him ah. And the next race, in Suzuka, will be between M Schmacher and Kimi Raikkonen!!! Both I support!! Yeah! Doesn’t really matter which one wins, but I think JY would rather Kimi wins lah. He wins also not bad, very cute. kekeke.. *yawn* My school life in a mess now. I really desperate need to get my projects done. ah… haven’t had my lunch yet, only had a cup of soya bean milk this morning. But the canteen a bit too far away. Sigh. Okie lah, enough nonsense, gotta go start my econs article. Haven’t been touching anything during the weekends. Tomorrow will be a busy day. After school, me had to go Suntec collect my Precious Thots card, Bugis to buy my Muji paper for notes, Tampines to buy one top that I liked before going home for dinner. Then on wednesday, gonna skip the guest lecture and go Malaysia with my family. So happening huh? Yeah! I’ll take charge of my life from now on. Damn those idiots who messed up my life! heehee… =PP Joking only lah, not really idiots lah. *wink*

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Past #0154

8.34am: I just came back from jogging. But when I woke up at 7am this morning, with my eyes still half closed, I read one weird message from someone. “I’m so stupid. I already knew from the start we are not in the same league. i should have kept my resolve in staying away.” Seriously speaking, I don’t really know what it means, but it sure doesn’t sounds good. And I’ve got no idea what’s happening now. I sure hope she’s alright. I also don’t know what she’s trying to say but.. sigh..

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Past #0153

1.01pm: So cold now. This morning, ran under the rain to the school. Forgotten to take umbrella. Were more or less soaked. So cold after that. Now also very cold. Just hope I won’t fall sick. Can’t afford to. Yesterday night was raining so heavily. The thunder was so loud. So scary. … like anytime will kena lightning strike. Aiyah… i lousy lah, i know, lightning, thunder also scare. hahaha… oh well.. that’s me! *wink*

6.02pm: One and a half article down. 4.5 more to go… This is gonna take ages… ah.. nice song ‘Come what may’ on Class 95.0 …

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Past #0152

*searching through the past history* i ran & search frantically… what am i lookin’ for? what am i doin’ here? where am i? i cried, i shouted, i yelled… there’s no replies.. its dark, darkness everywhere.. and its getting darker….what’s that? what’s that bright tiny dot over there?.. i ran towards it..faster and faster.. ah! hope.. yes.. it’s hope.. that’s what i’m lookin’ for.. and faith.. and.. love.. i stopped. love.. it hurts.. do i want it? again? no.. not anymore.. not again.. no. no. and no. i kneeled down and cried bitterly.. a gust of wind rushed past me.. its warm… and comfortin’.. i opened my eyes and alas! its bright.. the wind.. there’s somethin’ about the wind.. its.. its filled with love… pure love… i’m smiling.. am i? yes.. i am.. i am happy.. very very happy.. i’m dancin’.. this was the happiest moment in my life.. this is what i want, isn’t it? .. the wind stopped. i stopped. i turned around… walked around.. its still.. its bright but still.. no wind.. its empty.. what happened? what happened? i stood there.. lost.. it will come back right? it will… right? i’ll just wait patiently for it.. right? … right? .. i waited and waited. for how long, i’ve got no idea. it seems like years, decades. i’d lost track of time. Continue reading “Past #0152”

Past #0151

It’s monday AGAIN! and It’s going to be OVER SOON!! YEah!! One day down! But oops.. that’s not suppose to be a very good thing. Stayed in the library to study as usual. Planned out my study time table and OMG! I dun have any more extra time! And I need to rush my PROJECTS NOW! Previously is assignments, now is projects… sigh.. What a life! *shake head*

Past #0150

5.33pm: I’m so EXCITED!!! I took the phone 6510 for almost a year and i DIDN’T know that there’s a stopwatch, countdown timer and a RECORDING FUNCTION!!! This is so EXCITING!! So CUTE! wahahaha… what can I say.. blur me.. kekeke =PP

11.08pm: Just realised that it’s really difficult to live with someone you don’t really click. Especially if its someone you don’t love. Gosh… suddenly I can’t seem to imagine life after marriage. Would it be the same? That’s scary, you know. Hmm… I hoped it won’t be that bad..

Past #0149

10.54am: Felt so happy. 3 of my graded game programming assignment, I got 1 A+ and 2 A’s. No idea how I managed to get that but oh well, I got it. Heehee… Felt like telling Ron & Pete now but I not online now. Later probably bah. ..I was dying inside to hold you. Couldn’t believe what I felt for you. Dying inside, I was dying inside, but I couldn’t bring myself to touch you…

3.19pm: Now in Suntec Convention Centre auditorium. Having break now. Went for Macromedia MX 2004 launch. Not bad. A lot of new functions. Shan went for interview. So I’m alone now. Dunno if want to go out for tea break. Kinda lazy and tired to walk out. Go toilet.

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Past #0148

8.03pm: Getting away from the game programming notes. No idea what will be tested. I mean, everything seems so unimportant. Hahaha… erm.. hahaha… I also dunno what I’m talking already. Anyway, seems like the notes got more pictures/cartoons than ‘real’ stuff. By the way, I’m not in the library. A bit stiff neck. No idea why. A bit cold. That I know why. ‘cos today rained in the morning and I went to fetch my dear Nana. She no umbrella and turns out that, she only wanted to cover her laptop. O.o kekeke.. oh well, she’s a nice gal. Tho’ she’s so… hmm.. what’s that word.. loyar buruk (corny + crappy in Malay). Heehee.. taught by another fren, Has. Where was I… oh yah.. went to fetch her, and my feet and leg wet. Then went into the library. Freezing ah.. and I was wearing shorts and slippers lor. Never thought that it will rain ah. Think caught a bit of cold. But alright lah, steady. Going back an hour later, then go for my jog. Today will jog the other direction. With CC, MC and fren studying now. Sigh… just a while more.. then go back to.. reeeaaad… Having headaches again. Tomorrow got one Macromedia seminar, so skipping crypto and network lecture to meet Shan in City Hall. Then going home for dinner. Missed my mum’s cooking. Missed so many things… Hmm.. think think.. what can I get in HK.. heehee… aiyah…brain dead now. *yawn*…hmm…. *ponder* *stretch* *yawn* *stoning……..*

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Past #0147

12.18am: Trying to do my FYP now. Not really do lah. But just wanna test something… and.. kinda bad ‘cos I’ve got no idea how to display the program onto the emulator.. hmm… how? think have to go forum and ask. Very tired now. Went jogging just now. Managed to jog without stopping from my hall to hall 12, then hall 8 and back!! Heehee.. not bad sia.. keke =P… hair still wet now so cannot sleep. But my eyes already half closed… *yawn*..

7.51am: Oh no.. I think I have the habit of sleeping around 12am and waking up around 7 plus am again…

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Past #0146

Settle finished all the things liao! Heehee.. Today really tired. Rushed my last game programming assignment yesterday till 1am. Then woke up at 7plus. Not too bad. Oh yah!! I got my econs quiz back!! I Got 13/15!!!! So happy… ‘cos that day wasn’t.. erm.. its its on the day that he left ah. Anyway, stayed back and study in the library. Read through the CRYPTOGRAPHY. Almost went crazy. “b divides a” is actually “a/b”. Goodness… and I think for hours! Sigh… So tired now. But hair still wet, cannot sleep. *yawn*