2006 coming…

i was listening to this song 幸福车站 by Ocean..then i look at my calendar…christmas just passed and new year is coming..soon chinese new year will come..i’m wondering what i wanna wear on the first day of chinese new year, then thought of our reunion dinner..then i thought of last year.. where we drank till our […]

crappy updates

december liao! well.. when was the last time i wrote… hm… 29 novemberkekekekeanyway.. i’m happy because i just came back from my genting trip 2 days ago and it was fun! kekeke.. never shop a lot ‘cos there wasn’t enough time. most of the time were spent in casino… which… i did win in jackpot […]

people just don’t change… i guessed…

1 year.. 7 months..he changed..and he changed again.. back again.. i guessed..well.. people don’t just changed so easily.. thats what i deduced..for a period, he’s really gentle and patient with me.well… what to do.. i’m kinda blur.. to a certain extend.and we talked in frequency, so all the more, we have some problems in communication..but..for […]

lonely nights….

its just… ONE week…sigh.. and i can feel so much difference…gosh…the week seems so long…so difficult to pass…i sat in front of my pc.. its only 11.15pm..gosh…i think for this whole week.. i hardly had the chance to really talk to him..he always seem so tired…where got energy to talk..ya i know.. i can understand […]

today is a sunday

28 august… simon a.k.a. qian qian, my buddy’s birthday today. a year ago, we all attended haslinda’s wedding at eunos. 2 years ago, .. i forgotten what happened. but i know i’m happy. now… i’m still happy, but yet its a different kind of happy + a bit of sadness… or probably.. tiredness. i just […]