END of JUNE 2005

29th of June.how time past, pass, passes.. passed.. ya?hm.. i’m quite bored now. finished all my things. sally and a few others in a meeting. me? hm… staring at the PC, don’t feel like doing anything. nothing much to do or surf anyway. woke up today, had wanted to go to the gym. i DID […]

Ms Boring

gosh.. this is killing me.. *strangle myself*i guess i rather be busy than bored… *strangle myself some more*darn.. i really got nothin much to do after clearing those works.i tried to clear some of the codes.. but there isn’t much to clear anywaywanted to install 3ds max, but it needs win xp *phui*checked the forum, […]

it takes fate to meet, destiny to fall in love and courage to commit……

i’m going nuts… really…i’m going nuts…get the flat? or no?why am i so scare of taking another step towards marriage? wasn’t i suppose to be happy? but why am i backing out now? i’m getting so stress out i couldn’t eat. i even felt scare when i’m with him? why? its me right? i’m quite […]

when i cross that line.. where will it lead me to?

so how? ready to cross that line?should i? or should i not?i can’t see anything beyond that. and maybe its cos of that and that’s why its so tempting.the CURIOUSITY… so how? decided? or still deciding?*puzzled**lost*i’m staying stagnant. am i?gosh…can’t think.. maybe.. maybe i wanted to be a small girlback to becoming a small little […]