My Checklist

I know I’m very lazy, and always drift away from what I want to do. So from 1 January 2007 onwards, I’ll track everything that I wanna do and make sure that I stick to it. ‘Cos there’s simply so many things that I want to achieve. So here’s a checklist of the things that […]


ya know what RSA stands for? here’s some information on it:, all the banks all had this stupid token, security thingy where you had to enter some codes from some device.. two factor authentication. urgh.. well…. i had to do that also. LUCKILY and FINALLY, i managed to finish it yesterday!!! woohoo!!! today gonna go […]

Salsa @ MoS

NICE! kekeke ^^went there with sky & leonard, and a few of their friends… whats their names ah.. chengzu, was it serene or diane (either or), and 2 more female friends.dragged sky down to the dance floor but wow! its TOTALLY different. the steps gotta be so much smaller ‘cos the space isn’t a lot. […]

i’m LOVIN’ IT!

ITS SOOOOOOOOO FUUUUUNN!!!!!!!!!!!wahahahhahaSIMPPPLLLYYY SOOOO WONDERFUL to dance salsa!!and its so nice dancing with Sky!! ‘cos he’s the better one over there. hahahahaleonard is just joking around, and the other 2 is still trying very hard to keep it upwell, think will continue B2 bahand see if i got the time tomorrow to go down MoS […]