k k. Muak.

“k k. Muak.”looks familiar???oh yes.. it DEFINITELY looks familiar!i almost get that every other day, so much so that, i’m wondering if its a FORWARDED sms.ha.thats the response i get everytime i ‘report’.so whats the point of reporting? *i wonder*since i know what will be the replied…..and since he know where i’ll be at what […]

Birds’ Meeting

Two weeks ago….“To whom it may concern… cut down trees… too many birds… and bird shits… dirty and noisy too… please cut down the trees…. “ Yesterday EARLY morning… 5am+Bird 1: ok! let’s go for our normal routine. go find food then we meet again tonight. Rest of the Birds: OK!And they flew off…. *chirp* […]

Sweet Dear Dear

hmm… people may find that its nothing..but yesterday i find what my dear dear do is.. soooooooooo sweeeeeeetwas having dinner at his house, and they were eating this crab bee hoonso i was trying to eat the crab.. and was having quite a hard time‘cos firstly, my teeth not strong enough, so i don’t bite […]