~~ 3 weeks ~~

its been like around 3 weeks since i’d put my braces. well, i would say there’s not much problem except for the first week. ‘cos i’m eating almost like the usual. and it doesn’t hurt as much also. will be going for my tightening in 15 more days. just hope that everything goes smoothly *cross […]

birthday cum proposal

ho hohoho…my dear dear finally PROPOSED TO ME!and he’s sooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!! 😛early in the morning, i was still sleeping, then i heard someone wake me upand it was my dear dear! holding a bouquet of the flowers i said i want. kekekethen he kneeled down and so cute.. can see him blushing… 😛but heehee.. he […]

Day dunno what…

hm.. its been… less than a week..well, everything’s going quite fine. EXCEPT that… it hurts on and off and especially while i’m sleepingwhich i’ve got no idea why(Qn: Why does it hurt more at night than in the day?)and.. hm.. i’m got lots of questions which i asked my dearand he asked me to asked […]

Day Two…

i went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned yesterday night.suck…. the “ze-ze-ze” sounds… urgh…its painful you know… 45 minutes… today i’m going to do my braces. and its raining heavily now…hopefully by noon it’ll stop.i need to go postcard hunting…alas… still got a lot of things to clear before i goganbatte ne!

Day One

its the first day after i lost two of my teeth. terrible night. its not painful really… though when the dentist was about to poke in that needles… there’s a slight pain.. but nah.. its not that. its the THOUGHT of the needles poking in that makes you scare. i closed my eyes of course. […]

ouch… teeth…

no pain… no pretty… ouch.. i just pulled out two teeth..pain… and numb… thats all i can say,….my saliva keeps flowing out ‘cos i can’t seem to swallow those bloodand the cloth is all wet now…i need to eat the painkillers later..i wonder how?…at 10pm… 8 more minutes….43 kg.. hm…


Good omen? Bad omen?today, i feel soooooooooo hyper.not sure exactly why, but i’m quite sure its due to the so-many-things-happened-recently thing(1) my work is busy busy busy. rushing here and there and everywhere. i don’t meant literally running around. but guessed everyday i used up my brain cells trying to think of the solution. its […]