FABulous morning!!!!let’s see what have i done and not done.. for the 26 of my know, life is about being happy, learning, and making people around you happy (or at least you try). thats life for… i shall not restrict myself to those boring life. i’ll be dead if i do here’s […]

Beautiful Love

~ Beautiful Love ~ 看住时间 别让它再流浪 从前我 太适应悲伤 你的出现 在无意中 却深深 撼动我 一起走着 没说什么 心是满足的 这个世界 随时都要崩塌 我没有 其他的愿望 假如明天将消失了 趁现在我爱着 只想记得 被你抱着 温热的感受 Love’s beautiful so beautiful 我失去过 更珍惜拥有 多庆幸我是我 被你疼爱的我 紧紧牵住的手 不要放手 永远守护我 Love’s beautiful so beautiful 我很快乐 你会了解我 我不会再哭泣 是因为我相信 我们勇敢的爱着 每秒钟都能证明 一生的美丽 Love’s beautiful so beautiful

Chocolate Fondue

busy busy busy weekend…luckily it passed so fast and today is monday!yesterday went to swiss culture at suntec and we tried chocolate fondue!! *yum yum*its nice if you really like chocolate! what they do is, there’s a small ‘pot’ like those you use to burn the fragrance oil, but they put the melted chocolate instead […]

*…… O.o*

O.oi just got bisshhed by siyan ‘cos i yawn 😛damn… so boring… yesterday i took mc cos wasn’t feeling very well… today, i felt better but now… i think my headache is back again. i think i know why liao, ‘cos i stare too much at the pc.. but the thing is, i’m not doing […]