KTV Tonight!

So sleepy still. Right now I’m doing facial mask, the time is 7.37pm. Waiting for HY to come and pick me up. Today is the second day. Kinda good ‘cos I can do some things in the morning. Better inform Pamela that I’m not continuing. 6pm only. I’m tired till I want to go crazy. […]

Whole Day Out

Tired… I was out the whole day. Early morning woke up and met Pete for breakfast. Then after that went to meet Skyes for K Lunch. Then went for my exotic dance, which was really fun!! And after that, met Skyes to go Ikea, before going to Leonard’s house. He cooked soba, which was nice. […]

So Realistic

Finally friday. Gotten my pay in the morning. Now, half of it is gone. Gone to pay back my credit card bills and things like that. The world is really so realistic. Quite speechless about it. I’m not sure is it I’m the one thats cruel, or is he the one thats cruel. But does […]

Someone said…

“爱我。。。不需要说出来。。。心里这么想就可以了。。。”It’s stuck in my head. Alright, from today onwards, I’ll change my lifestyle! Busy rushing through the Indonesia SMA Enhancement for the whole day. Skipped my Jap class for this. But not too bad, today had Teriyaki Salmon for dinner. After that went WZ’s place. Dennis called me to get all the information, which I […]

Nokia 6288

Nokia 6280 vs Nokia 6288 – “The two 3G Nokia sliders do have a whole lot in common — the dimensions, weight and display size are identical, as are the camera specs, amount of internal memory and applications… Basically, a firmware upgrade; a few minor design differences (such as altered keypad spacing and a glossy […]