I think we both are addicted to love… Just the two of us. Its quite nice… And he really took care of me. We went for the theme park, then wild wild wet (which was more fun). And stupidly took a long route to go there ‘cos we didn’t know there’s a short-cut *faintz*. Then […]

On My Own

Today… HY on leave, so I’ve got no car to take.. and it rained HEAVILY. Well.. at least I never get caught in the rain. Dad sent me to the MRT. Got a list of things that I need to clear, and EZ also on leave till wednesday, so GANBATTE!Ate my lunch already ‘cos hungry. […]

Night Safari!!

Yeah!! Tonight going to Night Safari! Today will be a very busy day. The time is 8.19am. I’ll need to reach Suntec KBox at 11am, to meet Skyes for KTV, then we will sing till 2pm. After that, we’ll go shop for my cold wear, before heading down to Tyrwhitt Road to eat Thai food. […]

Deadline is Today

I wonder if can finish it by today… I’ve been taking car rides from one of my friend to work but I realise, other than the convenience, it isn’t really that good. Why? ‘Cos friends will still have conflicts. And I hate to have a debate early in the morning when I’m not fully awake. […]

99.9% vs 99.8%

“99.9 is for me to love u”… *Giggles* So sweet… Just a little bit lesser, 0.1… 爱死他!Yeah!! Tomorrow going to Night Safari!!! *Jumps up and down!* I’ve never been there before! Zhu zhu really very nice!! My 99.8% of love, won’t let him down! ^^ Let’s see what can I do ne… His birthday coming. […]