I Want To Buy A Car

I’m not a person who’s really keen on cars, but now, I really hope I can afford one. On saturday, WZ fell down on his bike on the way down to the carpark, ‘cos the road was slippery. Luckily it was in the carpark. Its dangerous, no matter what. But how? When I’m still on debts. And lots of it… Cut down on my spending? How? Am I able to do it? I just bought 2 cardigans last night. And spent $510 on my facial. Well, I really need to try… For the sake of the car!

… My Dar Dar

Missed my darling so much… Till early in the morning, once I woke up, I called him straight away. ^^ I love him SO MUCH!! Anyway, after breakfast, I secretly went to his house first before going back to office at 4pm. Managed to finish quite a bit of things, which was really good. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Loy and HY went back to the office too. After that, went OG with my parents and I bought 2 cardigans! Spent money again… Now I’m back home, going to bathe in a while, sleeping early tonight. I miss my dar dar… again… MAY coming soon, time to start my planning.

Having a Stiff Neck

Its 7.15am and I’m awake. What?! I got used to waking up at this hour. Its raining now, so nice to sleep… I’m so extremely tired! Didn’t manage to finish my work yesterday. Was thinking of going back tomorrow and try to finish it up. How? Later going for facial and probably to cut my hair. Now? Trying to design my “Petite PeP”!

Oh… This is such an INTERESTING saturday night. Now its 11.30pm, and I’m already back at home, preparing to sleep. Just now went for dinner at Secret Recipe at East Coast with Skyes and Leon. Then after that, there’s no plans, so they decided to go home. Wonderful… This is how I spend my saturday after one week of shitty work. Skyes did say he will accompany me, if I want. But looking at his face, I think he’s really tired also. Never mind… Sleep early.

Petite PeP

“Petite PeP”, how does this name sounds? Its the name of my new “shop”! Its been quite a while since I’ve even TRIED to have an online shop of my own. Maybe its time already, my mood should be back. Just too bad that Pamela isn’t free to sign up for the Jewellery Design course yet. Else… Anyway, I’m really quite tired today. Luckily its friday already. Must work hard!!

*BRRrrreeeeaaattttthhhhh* … *Choke* … 7.52pm and still in the office…

Draw a Tin Soldier

Helped DW to draw a tin soldier late last night, so slept only at 1am+. Quite cute. Of course! I draw one! But now, I feel so tired. Was raining just now, so the traffic was rather heavy. Bought McDonald’s breakfast to eat. Going into the meeting room to listen to the SQL talk. Headache…

Wang Wen and Aifen’s birthday today. *Yawn* Gosh… I’m really so sleepy. Already almost 4pm, and I haven’t really finish my basketball in-running thing. How? By today I have to finish and upload to SIT tomorrow. *Yawn* Tired..

Dream of Colours

Yesterday watched this HK drama, and I still can’t stop thinking about it! Sometimes I really wonder if I went into the correct line – IT. Why did I study Computer Engineering? Shouldn’t I be in the more creativity line? There’s this course in NAFA, something related to the Jewelry Design. I wonder if I should go and study. Maybe I should sms Pamela, the classmate I knew in Jap class.

I’m getting so fat!!! *CRY*

Just had my dinner. Almost 7pm now. I spent the last 6 hours, trying to solve ONE problem only. Terrible. Hopefully later when GF is back, I can ask him… Hopefully. Else… *CRY* Today WZ going to play basketball. Me? OT.

Yeah! I finally finished most of the work!!! Luckily got GF and he helped me, else I’ll die… But now, its already 9.50pm. Just now tried calling for cab but there’s NO CAB AT ALL!!! And because I want to watch the drama – Dream of Colours, so here I am, still in the office, going to watch tv soon, in a while more. I’m so tired… But its alright!

Synet Workshop

Today the office is empty, almost empty ‘cos half of them went for the Synet Workshop on SQL. The TLs and SSEs, of course. Well, look positively, at least I’ve got no one bugging me! ^^ Anyway… Life still goes on. Today came to office, did a bit of make-up to make myself feel better. And you know what? Today is Allan’s birthday!!! Luckily I saw him on MSN, such a coincidence! And I’m going to meet my sweet darling tonight!

So tired. The time is 7pm. I’m still in office. Will have to wait for my darling to come fetch me after he finished watching his 7 o’clock HK drama. I bought beads again! Yesterday night… Heehee… Kinda missed having lots of beads. What do I do with it? I’ve got no idea. I just felt like buying it. But first of all, I think I should sew those buttons onto my pants first.

So tired… My eyes are both red. Watched the “Dream of Colours” just now at WZ’s place. Before that met Leon for dinner at the Prata shop in Clementi. Now… Waiting for Skyes to call me. ^^

Focusing On… What?

I did 30 sit-ups today, for a start. 8.06am, HY haven’t sms me yet. Today is monday. April 23rd. Time passes really fast, its already April and so many people had left Synet since January. Demoralised? Yes, of course. Alright, HY just messaged me, which means, I still have 15 minutes. I really need to save money already. Yesterday I went to calculate my finance. Its terrible, I’m telling you. By this year, I really really want to clear up all my debts. I have to!

Alright… ES decided to move on too… So… one person lesser again. Who else is going? How long am I going to stay? Damn demoralising… *sob* And the work here sometimes is so irritating… When is it enough?

I think I’m really quite sick of it. As much as I love this company, and love the colleagues here. But how long can I stay? How long do I have to wait, when 2 years had passed. Am I being recognised for the work that I do? What EZ mentioned wasn’t wrong either… I’m lost…

Buffet @ Blk 693

Came home at 7am again. Was so tired last night till I dozed off at WZ’s place. Wasn’t deliberate, honestly. Today got buffet at my place. Uncle Liao treated for striking 4D. Well, same as usual, lots of people came, and its extremely noisy. Now its 4pm and I’m hiding in my own room. Tried to sleep but was too noisy outside, so ended up, me… checking my emails and doing the usuals. I really should pack my things. Everything getting out of hand and when that happens, I’ll really get very cranky… Better start doing something…

Took a nap just now. Was really so tired. Now… Watching Ong Bak on TV, at least I know WZ is doing that. Need to clear up my things already.

Because I Said So

Slept at WZ’s place last night, and only came home in the morning around 6am. I was so tired, but then I had my dental appointment at 9am. So I reached home, rest a while and quickly made my way to see Dr. Lien. She said I have a choice of either plucking two of my lower teeth off, which is an easier way, or else, she’ll just use more rubber bands. But the thought of plucking off another two teeth, honestly, doesn’t seem that appealing. Anyway, changed my rubber bands to bright green which seems a bit off. But doesn’t really matter ‘cos I just wanted to try out the colours. Went for K Lunch at Cineleisure after that. Its been quite a while that I last sang, so the voice doesn’t seem to be that good. Anyway, went to accompany WZ to pay the money for his HK trip and saw his cousin, who looks a bit like his mum. More or less, thats the end of the day. Went home to rest for a while before going to watch the movie – Because I said so. Wasn’t too bad, but somehow reminded me of my mum… What else I found out? The 2 of us are definitely not those who likes to shop. Tired, very tired for the rest of the night.