Totally Fainted

I’m tired till no words can described. Slept for 1.5 hours at WZ’s place and woke up at around 8am. Then went home, slept for another 1.5 hours, then woke up and went for the OG warehouse sale. Bought 2 tops from Chocolate and 1 cheong sam from cooee, very nice. Spent about $58. Then […]

Chiong @ Zouk

So funny huh? Yesterday I’m early and today I’m late for work. It’s not my fault! I woke up at the usual time, but today I went to the toilet for 3 times already. Stomachache. Today will be the last day for ES to be in Synet. Everyone’s leaving and I’m quite a “senior” here […]

School Holidays

How come I don’t have school holidays anymore? Don’t know why but woke up with my body aching. Now in the office eating cereal in milo. Hungry. Better let me rest a while before starting work. My brain still not working yet. Yet. YET. I missed my bed… My darling is so funny, so cute. […]

Unbalanced Mindset

心理不平衡啊!Just now heard from the radio that says the public sector will be increasing the salary. Imagine a fresh graduate can get $2,800 to $3,300!! *SCOLD ALL THE VULGARITIES* Suddenly I felt I’m underpaid. Back at home. 10.44pm. Bathed. A lot of things going through my mind at this moment. I’m doing work, at least […]