Why do I get persuaded so easily??? Sigh… Now my credit’s limit over. Shit… How? Should have just signed up for the one that I want. I really lost my ring… Its not in my office… *cry*… My ring… *CRY*… So full… Tomorrow can’t go shopping already. Need to OT. Probably I’ll stay and continue […]

Terrible Me

I think I really cannot make it… Why? Why do I like to pack myself with so many things but yet I will hardly do any? I’ve got a lot of things to do now but I’m not doing. Is it because of my poor planning? Priorities… Hmm… And my room is in a mess […]

Am I Ready?

Sleepy… Had wanted to sleep more today but around 10am, immediately after my dad opened the door, Uncle Robert, Uncle Liao and RX came in. =.=”’ How to sleep??? In the end, I woke up and asked my mum to go shopping. 6 hours of shopping. Bought 8 tops and 1 bottom. Met WZ & […]

First UNeed Biz…

Today I’m going to meet NN… Weird… Yesterday she never call me though she said she would. Well, maybe she’s too busy. Anyway, I slept at around 10.30pm last night. Zhu did call me after that but we only chatted for a while ‘cos I’m too tired. This morning, waited around 15 minutes for HY. […]

Updated My Resume

Finally… Left the referrals. Jen changed job, so either I need to update hers, or I change it to Nana’s. Anyway, left that and the cover letter and more or less I’ll be done. I’ve thought through long enough, gave a lot of chances, waited for too long, 到此为止. Its already almost end of June. […]