Permutation Of 0619

I don’t know why but somehow, I felt very close to this 4 numbers together. I always see them around. 9.16am, 6.19am, 19th of June… Hmm… Maybe there’s some secret inside… Let me try and talk to my inner self… *meditate*

Oh! I’m getting so fat! I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and YUCKS! Which fat girl is that in the mirror!!! *CRY* No more fried food. No more spicy food. As little carbohydrates as possible. No food after 8pm. Sleep early. Exercise everyday.

*CRRRRRRRRYYYYYY* I’m getting so fat! I kept saying that I’m going on diet, but in the end, just now for lunch, I ate fish and chips, plus a mashed potato! And extra salad too! And the worst thing, I finished almost all of it!!!!! *CRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY* How? Thats it… I’m really getting fat again… *sob*

Oh… IR going to do the appraisal soon…

Zelphx is at level 298! I use Gerioth to help him. Last day of experience boost.

2 Weeks To Reduce 4kg

CT’s wedding coming soon! How!! I need to go on diet!!

Everything is so messy! Doing the 8 Days project. HY haven’t really started, I’m not familiar and that HB is doing everything in his own way! Not that his way isn’t correct but it isn’t that clean. Even the naming is terrible… *faintz* Now discussing things with NN… Hopefully this time everything will go well…

Haven’t manage to finish the tuition website. Went SC’s house to help her fix her internet. Luckily managed to help her set up the computer. ^^ I’m getting fatter… I can feel a lump of meat around my tummy when I saw down.

Quarter Life Crisis

What’s up with my menses! Why is it always late! Sigh… I’m in the office already. Oh… Its Monday… Oh… I need to try and reduce 4kg for CT’s wedding. Oh yes, there’s something which I’ve been wondering for a long time. Why does lots of people, when crossing the gate to the MRT, need to tap and put their wallet there for a long time till they crossed over, with their arm stretched out and still tapping? I really don’t understand. Its not as if tapping for a long time will keep the gate open? *weird* Haven’t finished the tuition website. Will try to do up now.

Chatted with EY just now… Sigh… Am I really giving up on life? Letting myself drift and drift and drift? Aren’t I supposed to be in control? I really felt so depressed at times. How?

Just received an email from SL… Might need to work on the 8 November… which IS A HOLIDAY! Sigh… FK was still suggesting to go Mambo the day before… *CRY*

Ne… The more I talk to EY… The more I talk to NN… I felt like I’m just a small little girl in my own world… DREAMING… I felt like I’m so naive and hardly know anything at all… Am I really that useless? The more I stay in this company, the more I felt so stupid… Like I can’t do anything. Like I don’t have the knowledge in anything… Do I really need to leave?

Very funny. I had intended to go Bugis that area to look at all those Christmas decorations, then WZ accompanied me and he wanted to go NTUC to buy some food too. But in the end, both the shops were closed and the NTUC didn’t have what he wanted – cheese hotdog. We ended up going to Cold Storage and buy his things. Yes, we actually went so far to buy his milk, cheese hotdog and bread!

My JC Friends

Damn… I woke up at 7am because Zelphx DC… =.=”’ Anyway, I never managed to sleep after that… Sigh… Yesterday was Ah Xin’s birthday. Really don’t understand the mum… Only the older generation will celebrate the Chinese birthday! Why does she have to make him become so China! And she’s so naggy! Terrible… Luckily my mum is so much better!!

Is it really that difficult to go out with him around? He’s nothing! I’m proud of my Zhu Zhu! I really don’t see any problem…

Yeah! Eventually Uncle Robert asked us to get a birthday cake for Ah Xin and Zhu Zhu came with me for the JC gathering! ^^ CC getting married next year in December. DL getting married on 27th June. Oh… So many people are getting married!!! Why am I not? *LOL*

P/S: CC looks a bit rounder… Can’t imagine…

Friday I’m In Love!

Oooooh…. I’m so sleepy… Woke up at 4.30am to go and pee but couldn’t sleep after that. Then saw Bullet and Alsa around, so went to party them. But after partying, I couldn’t sleep well. Tried and dreamt of an extremely big, fat and ugly silverfish! *scary* That idiot is still KS-ing us… But never mind. Managed to doze off a little while but soon after, my alarm clock rang and I realized we got disconnected. By the time I logged in as Zelphx, that idiot was still there and he actually told me “No KS xP. I AFK.”. Stupid… Like I’ll move away when you are the one KS-ing us in the first place. After some attempts, Leon couldn’t party us because he stupidly set some CMI settings. I switched on both PC because WZ kept disconnecting. *Pray: Hopefully my mum won’t scold me when I reached home*

WZ went to the wrong place. He’s suppose to go TPY today but he went to HQ. Late for an hour. Tomorrow, will be meeting my JC friends for dinner!

Slow? You sure? The item was logged on the 12 October (Friday), assigned to me on the 15th (Monday). Then after that I need feedback and they got back to me on the 17th (Wednesday). I finished the coding on the 19th (Friday) but haven’t attached the package. Then Monday 22nd, I attached it and was waiting for it to be tested but nobody tested it! Sigh… The process… Sigh…

I’m really sleepy and suddenly I felt really… unmotivated. Its been a long long while since I’ve had that feeling. Probably its because NN asked me to go for the CITPM course. Why do I need to go? For her, she’s on her way to become a PM. I’m still a software engineer… and getting lower and lower in the hierarchy in my company. Am I that lousy? For a long time ever since I’d talked to WT. I told myself to stop thinking. Not don’t think, just that, its not the right time yet. But…

It Spells M.O.N.E.Y.

My salary is in today but… half of it are gone. Why? Bills and more bills… I’m heavily on debts =.=”’ Yes, I need to cut down on my spending and control it. But more importantly for now, I think I need MONEY. Yes, MONEY. Why? Ever since I graduated… Its all about money…

The experience boost was good… Hopefully we don’t get disconnected. Will be going home for dinner today. Mustn’t spend too much money.

Oh goodness… I just made a cup of tea and had wanted to drink but then IR called me to ask about cas-896… and now my tea… *YUCKS* ITS SO BITTER!

I left office around 7.45pm due to the cas-896, but managed to catch the last shuttle bus. ^^ Reached home and started training my elf again. We never disconnect!! But my mum was complaining already. Told me to switch off my computer but I never. Furthermore, I switched on both the notebook and my desktop! We were about to sleep when suddenly there’s this SM – Gabols came to KS us… *bloody hell* And he just leave it there to AFK. TMD!

Spicy & Oily Food

I think I really have to give up these food… For my own health. What my mum said wasn’t wrong. Today… My stomach still feels a bit weird. In the morning, saw my MG standing there with another MG. Weirdly, Zelphx died. The gloves became useless, so the defence dropped but it still feels weird right? I mean, Gerioth is supposed to be the weaker one. Anyway, I’m back to work feeling damn lousy. Yes, its about money again. Why? Why is it always about money. I still owed $18,000 in total. When can I clear that? I need to earn more money, thats for sure… My bonus… Going to be used to clear my debts again. I’m so sick of it!

Irawan just stepped on my big toe! SO PAINFUL!! *CRY* And the accessories on the slipper broke… *CRY*…

I went home today. Zhu zhu needs to study so I went home for dinner instead… *Miss him* But… after I had my dinner and I logged into MU, I went to read up the notice, and there’s experience boost!! Erm… In the end, he never study again but we managed to sleep earlier. So not too bad.

He mentioned to me that all his friends told him secrets. He knows R like which girl. L… he tells everybody everything. F going out with J. C going Bangkok with her Polytechnic classmate (fishy). K likes his job but he didn’t want to join his colleagues for lunch. J going to quit his job. =.=”’

Gastric Problem

I went toilet twice in the morning and my stomach feels really uncomfortable. Not sure if its menses cramps or gastric problem but its painful. Really painful. So I took MC and stayed at home. I spent the whole day training Zelphx and Gerioth. Luckily, the time wasn’t wasted. Zelphx went from level 189 to 197 and Gerioth from 108 to 120! Its really nice to be at home and doing nothing but I know I wasted the whole day. How? I need planning and follow it. But I’m so not disciplined. How? Doctor and mum both asked me not to eat spicy and oily food but I love them so much!

I was playing game at night still when my sister suddenly came into my room and asked me when I’m getting married? O.O”’ Then she continued with “3 years later?! So old already! Quick, I want a niece or nephew of my own. Make it a simple wedding.”… =.=”’ Am I dying to get married?

Bike… Car…

Alright, time to stop WZ from playing too much game already. I also need to try and study my JL and finished all my work. I don’t think I performed that well recently. TM!!! Wake up! Suddenly I really felt like getting a car… My dad saw an accident that day. A bike accident… And from then on, he kept telling me not to take a bike. Actually, sometimes I’m worried about WZ also… How?

Just had my lunch. Ate fish soup… Just now, when the auntie was about to put the soup on my tray, the bowl slipped from her hand and some of the soup fell only my feet. Luckily, it wasn’t that hot and I managed to escaped a big part of it. But… my feet felt so sticky so I went to wash… Now… its wet. Saw this bag, weaving ones, quite nice. Rainbow colours. But too expensive already! I think I can make one on my own!

Finished the soccer part, still got the basketball one. Today WZ very busy. Me too…Taking a short short break now…

Yes! Finished 887 and 896, chatting with QQ now. He skiving! So tired. Just ate one apple strudel doughnut, courtesy of DC. Not too bad. 5pm already!

I told Zhu Zhu that CC is getting married soon. He seems a bit shock, well, I was too. He asked if I want to get married now and I told him honestly that he weren’t ready yet. Financially, he’s not stable. Neither am I. How to get married?