I Want To Fly!

3 months… I’ll give myself 3 months to achieve whatever that I planned to. 3 months. I know I can fly… and I want to NOW!GOODNESS! I didn’t know its already 6pm until NN messaged me and said that she’s going home! OMG! Finally all completed… Hours and hours of doing reporting… Tiring… but… it […]


Where are all the gentlemen? I was rather pissed today. It was still hot and bright at Hougang but when I reached Harbourfront at around 9.10am, it was raining very heavily. And not wanting the last shuttle bus to go off, I took out my small little yellow umbrella and braved the rain, which proves […]

6 More Days

*Phew* Finally able to catch my breath after lunch. For the whole morning, I couldn’t get myself to start working. But after I came back, I did the work, till now, almost 5pm. Tired… I think I really need to save… a lot. For the car, for the wedding, house, kids… for my future. But… […]