I Need 75 Hours

Tired… I can hardly open my eyes. Slept at 2am last night. Sigh… Cannot sleep so late already. CT said that sleeping late is one of the cause of developing cancer. Better try and sleep earlier. I’m deploying my project now and just now trying to sew the hearts. 3 Done ONLY. If one heart takes about 10 minutes, i need 450 hearts, which will be… 4,500 minutes = 75 hours! Damn… like I have 75 hours… =.=”’

It must be the lack of sleep… A lady said she’s from Citibank and asked me if I want to increase my credit limit, then asked me to verify my particulars. I blur blur just verified it. It was only after that then I realized I don’t even know if its REAL! Damn it… I had to call the Citibank line to ask them if they really will call and ask. Yes, they will… But who knows… What’s wrong with all the phone calls…

I hate those sales people who called and when you told them that you are not interested, they still continue to ask you the next question as if you NEVER said that you are NOT interested. =.=”’ I hung up that lady’s phone. Blame it on her luck. I’m tired and pissed now. I want to go home! Its 6.11pm…

We went to watch “Sweeney Todd” at night. It was so BLOODY! The first person that he killed, I almost PUKE! Bloody… Bloody… But it was rather say. He ended up killing his own wife because he didn’t know THAT is his wife since the other lady told him that she committed suicide but never told him that she never died. And he almost killed his own daughter also. Sigh… What a movie… But Darling was very sweet. He sent me back home and stayed overnight at my house! ^^


Suddenly I have an urge to write down all the things that we have given to each other. Let’s see…

2006 Christmas:
– Mashimaro Soft Toy (Him)
– Wooden Toy Aeroplane (Her)

2007 Valentines’ Day:
– A Heart-shaped Bottle filled with Panda Biscuits and Strips of Paper with words & a XXX game (Him)
– 2 Small Vodka Bottles filled with Paper (message) Rolled Up [From 22 Nov 2006 till 14 Feb 2007 = 85 pieces] & HP accessories with each other names on it (Her)

2007 Birthday:
– Titus Watch (Him)
– Mont Blanc Wallet (Her)

2007 6 Months Surprise:
– A Booklet of Drawings of the 2 Pigs [Things that we did together] (Her)

2007 Christmas:
– A Heart-shaped Necklace (Him)
– 2 Ties (Her)

2008 1st Year Anniversary:
– A Movie Clip done by Himself, with Our Photos (Him)
– HAVEN’T GIVE!! @$)!&%^&

2008 Valentines’ Day is coming! I know what I want to do already but… Hmm… Wonder if I got the time… LC just cut her hair, something like the Jellyfish, she said… Yes… But something different. ^^ Read the news and seems like the bird flu in Jakarta can’t really be contained. Will humans be exterminated? Mayan Prophecy… 21 December 2012…

Discussed with CT on my financial planning till midnight. Need to pay an extra of like…$200… Wonder if its really worth it… But it does feels scary when you are totally not protected at all. If illness were to really come and there’s nothing you can do. But more or less thats it. The rest of my money, I’ll save it. At least I’ve got some liquid cash.

Prepare For A War

I’m hungry… I need to eat… But there isn’t anymore milo in the company already. Fio had thought that we are moving so she never ordered and looks like she’s not going to order still… Damn… How to prepare for the war…?

Don’t think I’m doing any OT tonight. My hand kind of hurt… Think its due to the long period of using the mouse. Its already 6pm. SK is inside having the A meeting… Hmm… Why didn’t they ask me to go in? Because I’m busy? Hmm… I’m trying to psycho my Zhu Zhu to stay overnight at my house today… He didn’t want me to go to his school to wait for him because he’s taking his bike and the break time is short. Sigh… When can I see him again? Looks like today cannot make it… *SOB*

Failed… He don’t want to come to my house because he have to wake up early tomorrow… *CRY*… I miss my Darling… Why always like that one?…

Haha… Eventually I still went… Love him and miss him too much! ^^

Don’t Feel Like Working

I slept at WZ’s yesterday. Quite nice but we realized that we don’t feel like working on Monday if we were together the night before. Terrible…

*SOB*… LL just sms me and told me that she’s leaving in early March… Sigh… I mean, I’m happy for her but… its still sad… I never thought that she’ll go away to another country… Holland… So far away… *SOB*

I could have done a lot of things earlier… But instead, I don’t have the mood to work till today. Its already 9.46pm and I’m still in the office. Why? Because suddenly when I felt like doing work (finally), I realized that there’s a lot of things which I haven’t done YET. Terrible… Simply terrible… So last minute…

Bird SHIT!!

Healthy… I need to go on diet and exercise more… Woke up and got dragged by WZ to jog at the small park nearby. But it was so hot by then… so I only jogged for a little while. Then we went to the machine corner. It was actually quite fun. We never exercise for long because we were supposed to go to KBOX but in the end, we sang karaoke at my house! And we ordered a lot of karaoke DVDs! I went out with my sister after that, to the Converse and OP warehouse sale. Got 2 berms and 1 top for WZ. Got myself 4 tops and a dress. Cost me $56. Cheap! Cheap! WZ? He slept at home… =.=”’

Went for dinner at HK street… $130.10 for 11 people. Rather cheap. WZ managed to buy his wardrobe at $268, at one of the furniture shop in my house area. But as we were walking back home… Suddenly “doop”… bird shit hit my ear!!! DAMN IT! IT WAS SO GROSS!!!

Peace & Quiet

Its been quite a while since I woke up so early and just sit here in front of my computer… doing nothing… Nice… Later I’ll be meeting WZ at Tanglin Mall to study… Attempt to again.

Changed of plan… In the end, I met up with him an hour later because he went to shit and was late. We met at the Long John Silver at MacDonald’s House after some stupid discussion. And then I started my readings on the Fortune Telling. It wasn’t too bad but I think I’ve got much more to learn. We went to Orchard OG to meet my mum and Godma. He finally managed to get a pair of leather shoes… Pierre Cardin, $143… I think he’s starting to spend more ever since he’s with me… We went to MOS Burger for supper after that.

Oh yes! I saw these yarns and beads at Spotlight! It was really so nice! I meant the colours and designs… But I have no idea what I can do with it… =.=”’ And my cute little boyfriend asked me to knit a sweater for him before the Genting trip. Its totally impossible…

Richest Ever… $18038.04

Today marks the day when I’m the richest for my going-to-be 28 years of life… $18038.04… But then… soon… I’ll be left with nothing… *CRRRRRYYY*

Alright… Time to start work! Get UP! Get UP!

Just saw Zen and Denise blog… So nice… they are married and staying in their own house now… Sigh… Wonder when will it be my turn… *sulk*

I just got a shock when Ah Yan Gu Gu said that NN got a girlfriend… Hmm… But what worries me is that Gu Gu will go crazy… Sigh… How can she take it…

P = A2

I’m in the office now. Saw EZ’s MSN message: P = A2. So I went to ask her, what does it stand for… Performance = Attitude + Ability. Well, it seems rather true… Had a talk with NN this morning. She felt like quitting. Her project that she was supposed to be doing was canceled and she felt really lousy to continue on. Furthermore, if she stays on, she will be doing technical stuff, which is something that she don’t really want to… Made me start to wonder again… There’s so many people out there who are technically so much stronger than me. What makes people think that I’m good? *ponder*

Working and working… Now its already 7.09pm and my dinner isn’t here yet… Hungry… Just now we had this staff meeting and it talks about the 6 steps towards the New Generation. Hmm… I really need to think FAST to get ahead… I think I’m lagging already… EY and HB are both good. YC is taking MCTS. What am I doing? Still thinking… Terrible…

Oh!!! I love my Darling more and more each day! Went to hug him again, since Dad driving today…

Finally Free Of Debts

After calculations and more calculations, yes, I’d decided to clear off my debts. For once, I don’t want to feel that burden on my back. 3 years of working… To pay off everything. $35,000 for school loans, $10,000 for the canceled flat, $4,000 for the delayed allowance for mum and Australia trip. That’s almost $50,000 already… Not calculating other miscellaneous stuff… Sigh… When can I earn that $50,000 back?

Oh… I HATE this kind of feeling… like so clouded… clouded by too many things… too many things to do… till I don’t know which to start first. It’s not the first time already. It always happen to me… because that’s how I’m like. I tried to prioritize those things but the worst is… all of these seems so important to me… Damn it…

Gym, gym, gym… always go gym while I continue to become fatter. Win already! Stupid working hours. Until 6.30pm don’t know for what. I FEEL SO FAT! Bloody hell… 45.8kg! Don’t even know where I got that 3.8kg from! Stupid idiot!

Walked from my office to IKEA area… I really don’t like this area… The buses are always packed with elders… and they squeezed and squeezed and pushed… =.=”’ Am I getting married on the 1st January 2010?

Bonus + Increment + Air Ticket

O.O”’ I came into the office and went straight for breakfast in the morning… Then I heard that I’m going to TW… no idea why… Then I came into the office and read the email… Yes… I’m going TW… But I still had no idea why… Then… the bonus came… And an increment! *LOL* And I think I’m really having fever… With this kind of money… How to leave?… *Dilemma*

SO FULL! Today is EY’s birthday. We had our lunch at Hog’s Breath at Vivo… Full… Very full…

I met my mum they all at Carrefour. Then I told them about my bonus. They were so shock. But my mum kept telling me. “Why you don’t have any expression one?” Hmm… I also don’t know… I mean, yes, of course I’m happy but… the next moment, all the money will be used to pay off my debts. 3 years… 3 years of bonus… all used for clearing debts… What a life… Then for the next few years, I need to save money for the wedding, the house, the babies… Its sooooo terrible… Decided to open joint account with Darling but seriously, like what he said, which is not NOT true… What I get for my bonus, is a lot more than what he ever saved… It sounded sad… He sounded sad…