Working On A Sunday

I… working on a Sunday. Headache. Must be stressing myself too much. Must be. Went to Autobacs in the morning and bought some car accessories. We changed the theme to “The Nightmare before Christmas” because we saw a really nice mirror for that. It’s really nice. Well… there goes the Chip & Dale. Hmm… that […]

Zhu Zhu Is 26!

Ever since I fell sick almost 2 weeks ago, I realized I don’t really have the mood to hug my Darling. Or maybe it’s the work load that’s causing me to feel that. Tired… But today, it’s Zhu Zhu’s 26th birthday! What’s his wish? To earn more money! We are going to Noble House for […]


Emails, are meant to be read when you received. NOT to just keep it and that’s it. =.=”’ My I. PM came asking me about this and that, when I ALREADY sent him those email yesterday. Don’t understand… does he really read those emails that he received? Next time when send to him, must put […]

Living For…

Recently, I don’t know why… Is it because I’m sick? Or is it because… that I just don’t know why? I don’t have the mood to do anything. Totally nothing. I’ve felt that before. Some time… quite a while before… But this time, it happened again. I don’t feel like doing anything at all. Or […]