Irritating Accent

You know… I changed my seat last week right? Now I’m sitting near the Archi team and it’s rather annoying because there’s these 2 “fake ang mohs” right behind me. What do I mean? Probably one is Indonesian, fine, but you can hear from the way they speak (English), they are faking the accent from […]

Crocodile Underwear

Guess what I’m doing now? In front of my notebook, drinking a packet of milo, talking to JY and asking him about fixing the computer, ticking of my list of “to-do’s” and wearing my Darling’s ‘cute little’ crocodile underwear! So sexy right?! *LOL* Later I’ll be meeting him at SP Gym at 1.30pm. Hopefully I […]


Is marriage still as important as they were in the past? Does the vows still hold? “Till death do us part…”. Talking to Nadi. Told her about the gal on the phone. So what if you really know? I’ve been through at both sides. No, both don’t feel good. Is her husband really that good? […]