View Blocked YET Again

Alright, sometimes I really hate people who seems to think that they are TRANSPARENT. They will… somehow… walk right in front of you in a bus stop (Yes, I know the bus stop ain’t big) and stand in front of you. Great right? Can’t they see that there’s someone else sitting there and trying to see if his/her bus came? =.=”’

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Walking Alone

I went for my dental appointment in the morning. One of the brackets dropped and so Dr Lien asked me to put the rubber bands on that side for the whole day, whereas on the other, will leave it on for 8 hours will do. Terrible. I hope I don’t mixed it up. I slowly walked to the MRT, took the train and went to Bedok. Bought a packet of fries and slowly went to look for the bus. It’s been a long long time since I’d walked alone, in my country. It felt nice, under the sun. Walking around in an environment which I’m not familiar with but yet felt so comfortable in. I can’t bear to leave this country for too long…

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No BA Around

I reached office and SK was shocked to see me here. Why? Because BY is on leave and I’m back, which means, there’s no BA in TW! Sometimes… I wonder how come they cannot be a bit more relax. The “rules” start from January, so… Sigh… It’s so troublesome right? And SK was mentioning that WT was rather angry and going to shoot Uncle BY. Sigh… Come, come… sack me… I really wonder why I’m still in this company sometimes… WHY? Everything have changed… *Singing: everything is changing and I don’t feel the same…*

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Christmas 2008

Almost couldn’t woke up since we slept at almost 5am. But we hadn’t got much choice, because we are having breakfast at Miramar Hotel! My parents went ahead first while me and Zhu Zhu followed up after that. We were totally exhausted! Then after that we went to visit my Godfather. Been a while since I last visited him. Hope he’s alright. Brought Zhu Zhu to see him also. For the rest of the day, it’s opening of presents! I’ve got towels and pyjamas and a ViewSonic 19″ widescreen monitor from my beloved Zhu Zhu!!!

X’mas Eve With K&G

I took leave today, totally don’t feel like going into the office. Well, I met EZ for breakfast at TB. She’s still the same, slightly slimmer by a bit. Haven’t found a job yet though. Anyway, I complained to her like how we used to. It was really nice to have her around then. At least, I’ve got someone whom I can complaint too (or vice versa) when we ain’t that emotionally or mentally balanced. But now…

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Waiting For My Package

The time is 10.10am. I’m waiting for the package to arrive. But I can’t wait for too long. By 10.30am, I have to leave already, else I will be really late for my flight. I need to take the 11.00am train, or latest, the one at 11.36am. Hmm… 20 minutes more. I’d checked the website, it said that my package was sent out! But… but… I haven’t receive it! Sigh… I hate to wait…

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