7 More Hours

The lady cleaner is helping to pack up all the things now. I need to remember to label all the things, like the boxes, pillows and blankets. In case when I go up to TP, all those are taken by don’t-know-who and that’s it! Damn. My red luggage is so bloody damn heavy… and I’ve […]


“If you’re happy and you know, you clap your hand…” I’m in the office, feeling rather happy. Hmm… what should I do today?? Oh no! I’ve got no mood! But I suppose I need to try and do the Promotion thing. ^^ Last day in Taichung office… Totally no mood to work. I wonder what […]

All Packed

Good morning! It’s a rather bright sunny Sunday and the time is 10.25am. And I’m sitting in front of my notebook again, talking to NN and eating my cereal at the same time. An hour later, probably I’ll go and bathe and then get ready for today! So what’s the plan today? Had intended to […]

Looking At…

So cute… I’m looking at Darling lying on the bed. Gosh… I want to go home… Went Geant to buy egg rolls. Bought 8 boxes. Had wanted to get one carton but the staff there told me that it’s very big, like contains 36 boxes inside. Anyway, I spent the whole afternoon packing my luggage […]