Starting Anew?

It’s the end of the year again. Tomorrow, it’ll be the Christmas eve. 2010, hasn’t been really that great a year for me, to be honest. It’s probably a year, filled with conflicts within myself, and a year that seems like a deja vu… to 2006. I don’t understand why is this happening but it […]


I don’t know what I’m crying anymore… It just flow out on its own and then my mind went clouded out. I can’t control my emotions or maybe was it that I controlled it too much. I can’t help it. I just couldn’t stop crying… It simply hurts too much, I don’t know why………………. *CRY* […]

I’m Crying

What have I done wrong? I got a call, and then the person on the other end just started yelling at me. He’s pissed. Pissed because he couldn’t change anything. Pissed because I was the one who helped him change that. Pissed because I didn’t volunteer to do it for him initially. These are my […]


笨到。。。不可以在笨!!! I have… never in the whole of my life… heard of such idiotic and stupid lecturer before! I think he is still staying in the 50’s. OMG! Don’t use the automatic ones. Goodness! I think he doesn’t know how to use that’s why he asked people not to use it. Isn’t that the whole […]


Guys… Gals… BGRs… Couples… Ex’s… Why are relationships getting more and more complex? I thought back on those olden days. Where man married woman without even seeing them before. But then, the marriage still lasted for so long. The marriage nowadays? I don’t know. Relationships? I don’t know. I heard of so many couples, the […]