Blog #0048

Guess what? I never like politics, not even the least bit interested in. If you asked me to name some of our ministers, most likely I can’t answer you on that. But then, it’s the time for voting! Even if I’m totally not interested in it, I’ve got quite a few friends who kept telling […]

Blog #0047

Ever felt brain dead before? I think I’m experiencing it now, after an overloading and flowing of tons of information, replying emails one after another, and multi-tasking at least 3 things at the same time for the past 8 hours, more or less without stopping other than the lunch break and some toilet breaks in […]

Blog #0046

It’s finally UP & RUNNING! At least for most of it. I CHANGED MY WEB HOST! HOORAY!! But now I’m trying to port everything to this new web host, and thus, some of my websites are down, sadly. But better to be down for a few days, than having to ask them to restart the […]