Blog #0125

Something is bothering me. But what? No, it doesn’t seem like PMS that’s causing it. But what are the other possible reasons? As I sat on the sofa waiting for someone to send me home, I didn’t feel like doing anything though I’ve got a whole long list of TO-DO’s. The noise level seems somewhat […]

Blog #0124

I’m not a person that likes to be involved in politics but this is just getting a little bit too much – Singapore’s Presidential Election (PE), when you saw and heard news from everywhere, everyday. 4 person fighting for 1 seat. And out of that 4, 2 of the candidates doesn’t seem that qualified. And […]

Blog #0123

It felt so nice when your cravings are satisfied! I just had a fulfilling McDonald’s breakfast with a primary school friend. Well, sort of gossiped a little and she’s somewhat not doing really that well in a sense… with her future MIL. But, what’s new? It’s not the first time that I heard about this […]

Blog #0122

I’m not in the mood to talk. Not yet. Not after whatever that occurred for the past few months. Yes, you might be joking but yet, you meant it. And honestly, you didn’t say all those things in a jokingly manner. It was a serious, pissed off tone. But why? Why are you like that? […]