Blog #0164

It’s around 2.30pm. Outside, the whole sky is dark and it’s raining heavily. For days and probably weeks, it had been like that. But nonetheless, it doesn’t affect me that much. My mood is still relatively good and not dampen by the weather. After all, would I ever? Since I like rainy days, even though […]

Blog #0159

Damn bloody tiring after spending the whole day cleaning up the house. But I would say, it really is fun, and in a way, nice to clean the house together with my soon-hub-to-be. The renovation is almost done, at least the most bulk of it. There’s only some defects here and there which we are […]

Pregnancy – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

I’m never really a staunch believer of chinese medicine, especially when most of its medicines come with a bitter taste, which definitely isn’t my kind of tea. But as I set out to start my new adventure, I decided to try it with an open mind. After all, I didn’t want my plan to fail. So […]

Blog #0158

Suddenly. I am afraid. Very afraid. Afraid of the additional naggings and the annoying dialect which I do not really understand. Screamings were heard within me. Shit. I’ve nothing against anybody. It’s just me. It had always been me. I never like anyone to talk loudly or nag at me. Who would? Now, both seems to […]