Blog #0494

7.21am – Am up early and keeping myself awake, so that I can try and finished some work. Without realising, it’s ALREADY Friday… Ah… This, won’t be a happy Friday unlike the usual, for I’m going to start work (again) soon. Worst thing is, my room is messier than ever, with the added Christmas prezzies. […]

Blog #0490

8.30am – “It’s already what time and they still don’t want to wake up and start preparing. Why do they always like to drag??” said a familiar, naggy voice. Am I still in my dream? Or… is it already time to wake up? Darn. It’s the latter… 10.35am – 64cm “tall” and weighing 6.8kg. That’s […]

Blog #0489

10.15am – Busy. Busy. Busy. Darn. I haven’t pumped and I haven’t do my documentation yet! Urgh! *Stop chatting on the phone* 10.38am – Eeeeek… I didn’t get any bonus when I’m on maternity leave! SUCKS. Time to earn some extra cash. Plan, plan, plan. 11.28am – Okay, money set aside! Time to eat “grass” […]

Blog #0485

9.49am – Another week has passed and I’m STILL FREAKING BUSY!!! When are all these things going to end?! It’s not!!! As long as I’m alive!!! Ahhh!!! And I love it! Wahahahaha :p Okay, I think I’m going crazy. 3.46pm – Alright… I shall have a facelift for this website to celebrate the 2 years […]

Blog #0484

8.58am – I wonder why does people likes to wear stockings. It sucks! And I wonder what my mind is thinking, to even let a female colleague talked me into getting it. Urgh. *In total regret* 9.14am – It’s the HEALTH BAZAAR day! Woohoo! Better start grabbing some food to eat, and go for my […]

Blog #0483

2.18am – My little one… Why are you awake at this hour? It’s been quite a long while since you woke up for food at this time… 6.55am – Oh damn. I should wake up and pump… 7.41am – You know… Sleeping early doesn’t mean you will wake up feeling more refresh. I slept before […]

Blog #0481

5.13am – Once again, I’m tempted by the idea of reading the books, that I’d borrowed, in the wee hours. After all, ever since little milkie was born, I hardly have the luxury to sit down for long and do my own things especially when the mind is clear and I’ve got the energy. That is […]