Blog #0231

If I could down a glass of ice cold sake now, I would already have, for the fear of my privacy being invaded will be coming real soon. It probably wouldn’t be as bad if I have a slightly more understanding hub instead of a brainless and biased one.

Just another small request of closing the door while sleeping invited a series of negative comments. Why? Is there anything wrong with just closing the door? I’m not even restricting the mum to do anything. I only wanted that little bit more privacy, is there anything wrong with it? You being alright with my dad doesn’t mean I am and I should be, with your mum. Why are you expecting that of me too?

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Blog #0230

Yippee! I DID IT AGAIN! And it’s such a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Spent almost one whole day trying to figure out how to get that extra report done, some more without much human intervention. I think those people should thank me for this work done, such that they won’t have this extra burden.

Well, it’s good for me too, in a way. Though pissed off when I couldn’t get it, but it’s challenging to a certain extend and I LOVE IT!

I’ll be having my second class for my Apparel Design for Beginner later on. Life is good! No, life is GREAT!

Blog #0229

I saw his message only now. Sent last night at around midnight. He said he’s tired.

Sometimes, I really do pity him. She seems to expect so much of him at times. Maybe I didn’t get to see the overall picture but from where I’m standing now, he did his best.

Men and women, like children, need to be taught. You can’t expect everyone to be the same like you. Patience is definitely required.

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Blog #0228

It’s a Monday but it’s not as blue as the rest of the other Mondays. Why? Because I’m working from home! Well, that’s the good part. The bad part? I’m having quite a bad headache… and thus the arrangement.

I would have taken an MC straight in the morning if not for the weekly report which I need to generate, and of which I haven’t taught the admin on how to generate it yet. But luckily, there wasn’t a lot of hiccups and I finished before lunch. And the hub was sweet enough to get permission to work from home with me too!

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Blog #0227

It’s SUNDAY! And another freaking busy day! It’s already almost noon so what have I done this morning? Let’s see…

Woke up at about 8am+ and prepared a healthy breakfast for myself which included a cup of warm milk, and a wholemeal bread with margarine, a piece of cheese and some pork floss. *Yum Yum*

Then after that, decided to prepare breakfast for the hub – dried maggi mee with luncheon meat and scramble eggs! Woke him up after that, which he commented that the noodles were a little too bland (I know because I didn’t really want to pour all the MSG down) but then the scramble eggs were nice. Oh well, there’s always room for improvement.

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Blog #0226

I saw you again, waving at me and wiggling around inside happily. You are so obedient, and did what you are told, but it’s just that the doctor couldn’t confirm. Nonetheless, I do believe that it’s 70% accurate. Even your grandpa dreamt of you!

I’m weighing at 47.5kg now, still the same as 1.5 months ago but the doctor had assured me that everything is alright and the best of all is knowing that you are growing up healthily – weighing at about 180g.

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Thoughts – Sex as a Weapon

Just came across a friend’s facebook where he wrote:

“Since ancient times, many powerful men have fallen because of their obsession for 1 woman. Seriously, do we really need to invent so many deadly weapons to get rid of our enemies when we can easily produce the most effective one by having more sex?”

What’s your take?

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Blog #0224

It’s not really intentional that I don’t want to work or had not done much yet. But firstly, I’m still dazed in my CNY holiday mood. Secondly, my boss isn’t around and thus I don’t need to fake it. And lastly, I really had too many a “thing to do” on my plate for both personal and work such that I have no idea where I should start working on first. And so I decided… why not just write and vent out some of my frustrations and extra thoughts on the blog first, since… I’m late on writing again -.-”’

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Blog #0218

I think I need a plan, a 4-year plan. Is that too long? Hmm… Am thinking about the Contiki that my sister mentioned previously. Yes, I haven’t got the time to plan for my honeymoon yet. And the place that I want to visit? Europe. So if I were to really go for that venue, Contiki would be a rather good choice, according to her, since it’s cheaper. But then, the catch is, you’ve got to be below 35. Hmm… I’m already 32 this year, so that left till 2015. But then I have other plans too… such as… babies. Second one. And of course, financially, I have to ensure that we both can make it. Right now, I guess for the both of us (mine worse), it’s in a big mess.

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