Blog #0322

7.23am – Something seems amiss. Instead of showing my blog, the designs are all gone! And then I’ll be directed to another site to download activex.exe… Is my websites infected with virus? Well, at least that was what happen when I viewed it with my iPhone. Now I’m investigating it. Hope it’s not the case… […]

Blog #0321

10.49am – Good (LATE) morning! Came in to office and an issue caught me immediately, and thus the lateness to start writing. Seems like work (or issues) had been picking up which resulted in the delayed in blogging. Anyway, since this morning, there seems to be a lot of things happening. Firstly, my boss is on […]

Blog #0320

7.38am – Yup. Time to wake up and do the weekly routine… Woohoo… I’m so enjoying it… 9.14am – STOP STARRING AT ME LIKE THAT! WTF! I’m HITTING MY LIMITS OF YOU KEPT STARING AT ME WHEN I’M DOING SOMETHING! F! And you STILL continued to stare after I asked you, “Mother, why?” TWICE in […]

Blog #0319

8.56am – A GOOD MORNING TO ALL! With a greeting such as that, it won’t be difficult to know that I’m in a relatively good mood. Why is that so? Because today is FRIDAY! And my boss is working from home. The new contract staff won’t be coming in today because his dad got chest […]

Blog #0318

9.11am – Sooooooo satisfying! I just had the vegetarian bee hoon that I bought from the canteen at level 6! *LOL* The lil’ hub must be quite pissed after receiving the picture of the bee hoon that I took and sent to him. Why? Because he’s been craving for it since last week! *LOL* Anyway, I […]

Blog #0317

5.49am – Why are you kicking me so early in the morning? My little milkie don’t want to sleep is it? It’s been quite a few days since you kept waking up at this hour wor… *pat pat* 6.24am – Ahh… might as well wake up and surf the internet, and see if I can […]