Blog #0428

Tired? Extremely. And somewhat pissed too BUT… I have to tolerate… for the sake of little milkie… Even though the lil’ hub is brainless… Sigh… Early in the morning, I started my day as usual. And then my mum came and told me that they are going out at about noon. Fine. And so I […]

Blog #0427

Don’t yell. Can’t we just talk? Do you have to flare up so easily and raise your voice? Why are you forever thinking that everyone else is stupid other than you? Why do you need people to spoon feed you, and tell you to do this and that? And if people doesn’t, then it’s THEIR […]

Blog #0426

6.27am – I am fainting… This is like… only 3 hours of sleep… =.=”’ 9.40am – Clarifications made with the stupid lil’ hub. He finally woke up his idea of getting his mum to do the household chores, and instead to engage a part time helper. I seriously wonder what’s wrong with his brain. 10.29am […]

Blog #0425

Somehow, it’s definitely irritating when friends of yours don’t understand the situation that you are in, especially when there’s a baby involved. As a mother, I’m obliged to take care and protect my baby as much as possible. I dote (of course I would) but I don’t pamper. Who says that the kids nowadays must […]

Blog #0423

8.24am – On the bus to work. Cannot be to late today, at least not consecutively. Today is Wednesday, the middle of my second week back at work. Will it be a nice and happy day today? 1.5 weeks. I guess it’s time I bring my mind back to work. Again, it ain’t easy to […]