Blog #0452

10.02am – The lady beside me is scolding her maid, yet again… Poor thing… I meant both the lady and her maid. Couldn’t blame the lady since apparently there’s some issues with the maid. Couldn’t blame the maid because she’s born this way. Hmm… 10.11am – Meeting. Urgh. Seems like the brain-washing process. 10.27am – […]

Blog #0451

Sometimes, the simplest thing in life, which you thought that everyone should know… in the end… they don’t know… =.=”’ Do you know how to differentiate between a turtle and a tortoise? A: I know! One lives on land, and one lives in water!B: The shape is different?Me: Turtles have webbed feet, like flipper. Tortoises have short legs. […]

Blog #0449

9.03am –  Happy Hari Raya! Today is a public holiday! Woohoo! Any plans? YES! Ironing the clothes. =.=”’ 10.19pm – Yes. Silence is what he likes best. 11.06pm – I never have a say in this family… It’s like right from the beginning… For the man I love, I tried to accept and go against all […]

Blog #0448

10.54am – Taking a break from the work that I’m doing. Bored. Too many things in my head again. 3.35pm – I’m at a loss of words when I saw the message. To think that he gets pissed off just because we are not allowed to go for tour. So shallow. Totally incapable of empathizing […]

Blog #0447

8.34am – *screeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaammm* I FORGOT TO BRUSH MY TEETH & WASH MY FACE!!!! And I’m ALREADY OUT OF THE HOUSE! Damn it! Damn it! The lil’ hub was in the toilet sh*tting and thus I continued to do other things and change, and forgotten clean about it! ALAMAK! This is SO GROSS! >.<”’ 9.06am – […]

Blog #0446

9.08am – I wonder… Is drinking Essence of Chicken really useful? *Sipping it and trying to see if there’s any magic* Oh. It’s another day. Thankfully, it’s going to be a short week. Friday is a public holiday!! Good the very morning! 9.26am – Cereal done. Everything all set up. So now… it’s… TIME TO […]

Blog #0445

8.07am – She smiled, with her mouth opened wide as I kissed her on her forehead. What more can I ask from that reply. It’s obvious. She loves it. ^^ 10.10am – Back at work and settled down, with my breakfast done, the water bottle washed and topped up with warm water. And then a […]

Blog #0444

Woohoo! I finally finished my mosaic lamp project that took me almost a month to finish it! The hard work definitely pays off for it’s really nice, especially when it’s all light up! Makes me want to do some more. And the good news is, I found the website that sells this! Am going to […]