Blog #0474

6.39am – Why does it feels that cold… a little damp… hmm… *Open eyes* The sky is becoming bright. Did I miss the wee hours pump AGAIN? O.O *Screaming in head* 6.45am – Did my alarm clock not ring again? Hmm… but I totally have no recollection of me hearing the alarm, and then waking […]

Blog #0473

8.21am – *SCREEEEEEEEEEAAAM* I OVERSLEPT AGAIN!! 9.14am – Oh my… my head is spinning… Am I that lack of sleep? 9.33am – Breakfast done! Let’s get cracking!! 9.48am – Pumping milk is really disruptive. Can hardly do much, and then it’s time to pump again. But I can’t stop! It’s little milkie’s food! And she’s […]

Blog #0472

8.56am – In office again, with an aching shoulder and back. Must be due to the shoulder massage yesterday at the facial session. Freaking tired now. Why the hell did I stay up so late yesterday night for? =.=”’ Shall try and sleep earlier tonight. Shall try and achieve more things today. Shall try and […]

Blog #0471

9.30am – A very good morning to all the peeps around the world! It’s Monday, the start of a new week, and now I’m back in office, getting ready to start my day! A pity that the holidays ended a little fast though. Nonetheless, it’s quite a nice break from everything, especially from the monotonous work that I’m […]

Blog #0468

8.16am – Tiny droplets of rain patted on my face as I crossed the road and made my way to the bus stop. I’m not so late, I thought. Nice way to start for a morning. By this time tomorrow, I’ll probably be in another country, thousands of miles away from the little one. Ah… I missed […]

Blog #0467

8.55am – I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ll be going for a holiday soon (which means I won’t have to work) that got me into such a great and hyper mood for a Monday! GOOD MORNING PEEPS! It’s a brand new week and I’m all up for it! Other than the fact that I’ll need […]

Blog #0466

2.02am – DONE! Crinkle toy with taggies created for little milkie for her first Christmas present from her mummy! And what will her dad be getting for her? A $10 note! -.-”’ Seriously, if he’s giving her that, I’m so going to frame it up! 7.30am – Sipping my cup of hot chocolate, I closed […]

Blog #0465

4.46am – “Your movement make it a bit slower, not too jerky. Her head ‘doi’ here ‘doi’ there.” – That’s what I said to the lil’ hub but it was a tad too late. By then, her eyes were wide open, and she’s beginning to make the “er er” sound which simply means “hey, I […]