Blog #0494

7.21am – Am up early and keeping myself awake, so that I can try and finished some work. Without realising, it’s ALREADY Friday… Ah… This, won’t be a happy Friday unlike the usual, for I’m going to start work (again) soon. Worst thing is, my room is messier than ever, with the added Christmas prezzies. There’s hardly any walking space in my room already… How the h*ll did I end up like that? I thought I had wanted to clean it up instead? Hmm… =.=”’

Anyway, shall try and achieve as much as possible by today, since I’ve got to pack up everything BY this Sunday. I definitely need to prioritize now since I’ve only got like… 4 more days to go, with… my Sunday half occupied. So let’s see… tidy up the room (including shoes), my outstanding documentation, iron clothes, my website (definitely need to do something about it). Okay, I doubt I have time for others. So shall leave it as it is for now.

Good morning!! For those who are working, it’s FRIDAY! ^^

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Blog #0490

8.30am – “It’s already what time and they still don’t want to wake up and start preparing. Why do they always like to drag??” said a familiar, naggy voice. Am I still in my dream? Or… is it already time to wake up? Darn. It’s the latter…

10.35am – 64cm “tall” and weighing 6.8kg. That’s the height and weight of little milkie. Just reached the clinic of the PD. Today she’ll be taking her third dose of darn-I-forgotten-the-name-again vaccination. Hope she won’t cry too much later. Sigh… I hate injections.

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Blog #0489

10.15am – Busy. Busy. Busy. Darn. I haven’t pumped and I haven’t do my documentation yet! Urgh! *Stop chatting on the phone*

10.38am – Eeeeek… I didn’t get any bonus when I’m on maternity leave! SUCKS. Time to earn some extra cash. Plan, plan, plan.

11.28am – Okay, money set aside! Time to eat “grass” for the next few months! That’s how you TRY and save money. *LOL* I had to, now that I’ve got a kid. Even if I don’t have to eat, little milkie has to, and I’ve got to think and plan for her. Life… is… so… … … different…

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Blog #0485

9.49am – Another week has passed and I’m STILL FREAKING BUSY!!! When are all these things going to end?! It’s not!!! As long as I’m alive!!! Ahhh!!! And I love it! Wahahahaha :p Okay, I think I’m going crazy.

3.46pm – Alright… I shall have a facelift for this website to celebrate the 2 years anniversary! Wow… it’s going to be 2 years soon…

Blog #0484

8.58am – I wonder why does people likes to wear stockings. It sucks! And I wonder what my mind is thinking, to even let a female colleague talked me into getting it. Urgh. *In total regret*

9.14am – It’s the HEALTH BAZAAR day! Woohoo! Better start grabbing some food to eat, and go for my pump soon. Am going to be busy, busy and busy. BUT it definitely is a GOOD excuse to get off from the normal work!

Thoughts – 12.12.12

9.35am – Good morning! Zao an! Ohayou! Bonjour! ~ These are the words that I use to greet my little milkie everyday in the morning. Today is the 12.12.12, a.k.a. 12 of December in 2012, and it’s going to be the last one where you get to have all the day-month-year to be the same digits (since 2001 – 01.01.01) till the next century. I am glad that I get to live through these 12 years of such days in my lifetime, though probably nothing fantastic happened on those days. *LOL*

Anyway, I’m dead tired today and I bet it’s not something new for the past months. Late for work again, as usual, and in the end got to ask my dad to send me to work… again… Damn, it’s getting worse. Take leave? It’s near to impossible with the packed activities, and not when I won’t get to see one of my team members and boss till next year. Who’s going to be in my team then? Me and my admin. *LOL*

Crap. And I’ve got to organize a bazaar tomorrow. And things are still not completely done! Sigh… Crap.

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Blog #0483

2.18am – My little one… Why are you awake at this hour? It’s been quite a long while since you woke up for food at this time…

6.55am – Oh damn. I should wake up and pump…

7.41am – You know… Sleeping early doesn’t mean you will wake up feeling more refresh. I slept before 11pm yesterday night, woke up twice in the middle of the night, and now am feeling as tired as ever… It’s a Monday today… DAMN.

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Blog #0481

5.13am – Once again, I’m tempted by the idea of reading the books, that I’d borrowed, in the wee hours. After all, ever since little milkie was born, I hardly have the luxury to sit down for long and do my own things especially when the mind is clear and I’ve got the energy. That is to say, it doesn’t mean I’m not tired though.

9.13am – GOOD MORNING! I’m having my weekly team meeting now, and what’s the latest news? Well, let’s just say due to the change of management, we’ll (the admin) need to start taking the minutes on who is doing what (urgh). And then after that, one of the team members will be going on leave from tomorrow onwards for his honeymoon, all the way till next year. Then the next news that I heard is, my boss will be going on leave from the week after. Which means, it’s just me and the admin! And the big big boss also won’t be around from next week onwards!! *LOL* So nice to be not on leave in December because there’s no bosses around. Ah… Wished so much the other one wasn’t around too. But too bad, he will only start taking leave on the 20th. Eh… wait… isn’t there a lunch on the 20th? Hmm…

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