Blog #0559

10.41am – Have you ever had that queer feeling where suddenly you felt a sense of deja vu? I just did, and it’s weird. It’s not the first time that I’d felt that… Anyway, was designing on my new icon last night and then early this morning, I sent it to a friend of mine. […]

Blog #0558

“How is everything? Better yet? You like disappear like that. Dunno dead or alive. Remarried or what.” Well, let’s just say… I had been really… really… really… extremely… busy and fainting… BUT it’s OKAY! Because they are BACK! And I’m BACK! AND THE AUDIT IS ALMOST FINALLY OVER! ^^

Blog #0553

10.47am – That’s the problem when you have too many things to handle. You start to miss and forget a lot of things, such as, pumping milk. =.=”’ But by the time you realized it, it’s too late because it’s time for another meeting… *screeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammm* 12.53pm – It’s the period where things are not going […]

Blog #0552

10.00am – BONJOUR! ^^ 10.01am – Kyou wa, watashi no bosu ga emu-shi desu. 11.32am – Busy morning. *PHEW* 1.10pm – Had wanted to head out for lunch with my colleagues but in the end, I opted out for the fear that they’re going to take a while to be back. Yes, I’ve got too […]

Blog #0549

9.09am – It’s one of those days where you don’t want to be disturbed by anything or anyone, and just want to sit at a corner and do your work. It’s Wednesday, 13 March 2013. Lil’ hub got re-designated to Manager as of yesterday. I stupidly twisted my right ankle while waiting for a cab […]