Blog #0585

2.28am – Good little sweetie, go back to sleep okay? Mummy loves you. MUAK! 8.02am – Dried poo. Oops. Did you wake up at 2am+ because you poo-ed? O.O? 9.18am – OMG. Boss texted me if I’m coming to office today. Oops again. I’m SO LATE! 9.53am – Oh. Why am I going through each […]

Blog #0583

10.30am – Finally got back to my seat and overheard a colleague mentioning that she wanted to sell off her dog which she got it for only a week. Sigh… if you prefer another breed of dogs, then please don’t adopt others in the first place… Put yourself in their shoes. You are adopted, and […]

Blog #0582

1.07am – Did I doze off…? Oops… Ah. Might as well… *Goes back to sleep* 6.33am – Sometimes, it really is quite irritating when you’ve got a baby who, for some reasons, still kept on turning and turning with her eyes closed while sleeping. Especially when you are a light sleeper. 6.53am – Crap. Did […]

Blog #0581

8.45am – Crap. The paint smell is still there. Die… I’m going to suffocate for the rest of today… 9.35am – What kind of email is that??! *Puts on the armour* 9.48am – What is the kind of environment that I hated most? The kind where people played politics and have internal conflict. C’mon, our […]

Blog #0580

4.38am – Oh. She’s awake. Again. 5.06am – Hmm… did little milkie just cried? I thought she’s sleeping? And the lil’ hub too. Never mind, shall check after I finished washing up the pump parts. 5.10am – I walked into the room and saw the both of them sitting up, turned their head and stared […]

Blog #0579

4.36am – Please… not again… Be a good girl and go to sleep, okay? 8.10am – One by one, they got shot in the face by this needle-like bullet, and they fell to the ground, the whole face turned red and their body frozen. They are not dead yet, just frozen. But hey, I thought […]

Blog #0578

2.36am – Crap. My clock ran out of battery again? *Starring at little milkie, as she whines away…* Hey… wait a minute… it can’t possibly be my watch also ran out of battery right? It’s really still ONLY 2am+?? Why is she awake at this hour?? 5.03am – Finally… she’s… asleep… 9.59am – I doubt […]