Blog #0610

7.11am – It’s an ORANGE day! Random. Random. 8.55am – *PHEW!* That was closed! Almost knocked into a hanging cocoon! Not sure if it’s filled or empty inside though. *LOL* Anyway, never knocking into it probably depicts a lucky day! ^^ 9.49am – Can knock off at 4.30pm today but the lil’ hub’s going for […]

Blog #0609

7.20am – No more blocked ducts! Yippee! OHAYOU GOZAIMASU! 9.05am – Reached office! 9.56am – The thought of moving to the new office simply made me extremely depressed. It’s TOO direct. The Fengshui is totally bad. How to work in PEACE and HARMONY? 10.38am – Yeah! Joining the yoga class held in my office from […]

Blog #0608

7.32am – Ouch. WTH. Blocked again??! 9.05am – Reached office 5 minutes ago. Not too bad for a start. Let me settle down first. 9.49am – Haven’t got the time to take my breakfast yet but I supposed I’ll have to deliberately stop for a while and take. Lots of things going through my head […]

Blog #0604

9.25am – Didn’t take the drowsy medicine today. Though I’ve not fully recovered, it’s time to start clearing the backlogs that’s been built up over the last few days when I’m down. So… GANBATTE! 10.48am – Chatted with a friend. Her ex-fling wants to come back to her. Sigh… what for? Especially when he’s still […]

Blog #0603

10.00am – Everything seems to be either coming to a standstill, or in crawling mode especially when you are sick and back at the office. It’s only 10am now… I wonder why ONLY 1 hour plus had passed. Back at home, for the past 2 days, time was zooming past before I realized it. The […]

Blog #0599

12.34am – Just when I thought that I can finally sit back and relax a bit, and probably have an earlier sleep, and enjoy another night of undisturbed rest, little milkie woke up crying. This time round, a lot louder. Worse still, with a fever of 38 degree celsius. Damn. How did it go up […]

Blog #0598

6.15am – *Handphone vibrating* Eh? Lil’ hub’s up, which means it’s in the morning… which means little milkie never wakes up in the middle of the night yesterday? Hurray! Hmm… shall I credit it to Fengshui (shifted her sleeping position and bed)? Or the amulet (in case of any spiritual beings that’s making fun of […]