Ramblings #0630

5.38am – Ouch. Why I can’t seem to move my butt? Ah… never mind… too pain to move.

7.04am – I’m so tired… *switched off the alarm*

7.38am – Okay. Crap. I need to wake up and pump milk but ah… pain… my whole body and legs are in pain… *SOB* Ah. What happened to my neck too??

8.52am – On this Friday morning, with a body and legs that’s not responding well, and the thought of going to a work which doesn’t satisfy your needs, and a boss and big boss of whom you ain’t respecting to an extent at times, it sure brings a frown onto your face. TGIF, really?

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Ramblings #0629

7.18am – I better wake up and start pumping. Otherwise I’ll be damn late again. The boss is back today so I can’t be too late. Talking about the boss… sigh… I still feel, no matter how much you don’t like the other, since it’s supposed to be an “Appreciation Lunch”, don’t make it TOO obvious that none of you wants to go. Sigh… anyway, it’s none of my business.

8.29am – Hmm… are you sure the PSI readings are less than a hundred? My nose doesn’t seem to tell me so, so are my eyes… it’s a little blurry. Even if it’s the healthy range, it should be near to a 100.

9.11am – A little late today as I missed both buses but I guess it’s still alright. It’s Wednesday and HELLO KITTY DAY! And it’s going to be reeeeaaaaalll busy. Shall focus on my list of things to be done and completed (hopefully) by today. GANBATTE PEEPS!! Complete it and strike it off your list!!

10.34am – OMG!!!!!! It’s eating into my savings! URGH. BIG BIG HOLE in my pocket ~ air-con, handphone, air purifier, new class… Time to eat grass for a month, at least… *sob sob*

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Ramblings #0628

9.05am – Rise and shine to a nice, bright and freaking hot morning! Ooooh…

9.42am – Okay! It’s time to start work! But which one first? Should I do the office work or plan my own things first? Hmm… I think let’s do the first one first. I’m paid to do that actually. *LOL*

10.53am – WOOHOO! I won’t miss little milkie’s first birthday! The business trip had been postponed! NICE!

11.39am – Oh God. I’m so bored… so bored… so bored…

1.48pm – My arms are breaking… but it’s okay. At least I managed to get that bloody heavy fondant! Ah… still not sure how I should decorate the cake ever since the failure that day… And the suggestion of using the chocolate nuggets doesn’t seem to work when the chocolate nuggets doesn’t look smooth and beautiful at all. Sigh. Never mind, shall think about it.

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Shopping – Wooden Cube Puzzles @ The Better Toy Store

It sure feels good when everything’s clear, and back to normal. I’m in relax mode and in extremely good spirits! Not that I don’t welcome a second one, I’m just not ready for it. Maybe in another few more months and we shall see. For now, let us just continue to stick to the plan.

So here I am, shopping around Ngee Ann City and went into this shop – The Better Toy Store, located at level 4, above Kinokuniya, and look what I’ve found!

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Ramblings #0627

7.36am – It’s not here yet… It’s confirmed not here yet… then… what are those yesterday? O.O” It can’t be… right? OMG…

8.52am – Another day of clear skies and fresher air… Thank God for that.

9.44am – Just had a hearty breakfast and now I’m back to work! Finally break myself from the dazing cycle and am back on this blog! Yes, the name had changed slightly, thanks again to the FBI company, but let’s hope everything is for the best from now on! GANBATTE PEEPS!

10.50am – Am I… really?

11.24am – Okay, take a deep breath. You DON’T have to be nervous… *BREATHE…* the air is fresh(er)… *BREATHE…*

12.06pm – Ho ho ho… everything is OKAY! *Phew* Gave me a scare!!

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Thoughts – Stay Married, Stay Pretty

A few days ago, I was having this conversation with my sister and the lil’ hub, about having the needs for people (both female and male) to dress up and stay pretty/handsome (or probably just neat) even after married.

The sister quoted 2 examples on both her friends, on how both dressed like aunties after getting married and having children, wearing baggy clothes, shorts and slippers even when going out, and then eventually both husbands ended up having some kind of affair (short or long). And then she also mentioned that there’s once she saw this couple outside, where the husband is walking right in front, while the wife is trailing behind. They don’t seem like a couple. The guy was dressing up smartly while the wife was the opposite. Hmm… sounds familiar? Does looking like an auntie really affects the marriage? After all… there’s so many young and pretty girls out there that’s constantly “attracting” the attention of the guys (including the hubs)

Yes, I know it’s really difficult to dress up, and personally, I really admire those girls who can dress up and even put on make-up early in the morning. Me? I belong to the lazy group. As much as possible, I’ll do the bare minimum, so make-up is almost a no-no for me unless there’s a special occasion. The facial routine that I’m doing it nowadays is enough to keep me occupied (for 5 minutes) and keep my skin off too much artificial products. But what is the bare minimum?

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Ramblings #0620

2.05am – Okay, I better stop. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I’ll be late for work in the morning. Let’s continue the drama tomorrow!

7.00am – WOW! Is that the alarm?!!! It’s TOOOOO LOUDD!!! *Frantically tried and switched it off* Luckily the baby only stirred a little…

7.52am – CRAP! I OVERSLEPT!!!!!!

9.17am – Oooooh. So late today. Worse still, haven’t even pumped. I wonder if we are proceeding with our dinner appointment tonight (with my colleagues)

1.27pm – I still don’t have the mood to do anything! HELP! And did I lose my TO-DO list? Something seems to be missing… but what…?

2.04pm – Back to work. Back to work. It’s Friday. Just a few more hours. Endure…

5.09pm – Going off in 21 minutes! *GRINNING* Another long list of pending items. Ah… Luckily it’s ending. I’m spacing out. *LOL* And that long list of pending items doesn’t help.

Ramblings #0619

It’s time to lay back and relax! Am updating my new handphone with all the fun apps that I can find that can help me to organize my life as well as entertain me when I’m bored. And then TADA! The lil’ hub told me to download an app, called the “Bao Feng Ying Yin” and then the best of all is, I’m able to find the Korean drama that I’m searching for, and that is showing on the TV every weekend! Well, I’m too impatient to wait to watch it only on weekends. Moreover, I’m not always free to watch it so I guess it’s better to just search and watch it on my own so as not to miss any episodes.

Anyway, watched it for the past half an hour and the streaming seems quite good and there appears to have quite a number of dramas and movies too.

It’s a relatively slow day with me stoning and doing nothing much in the office. Feels like my schedule had been messed up again due to the queasy feeling that I’d been feeling of late. I wonder what’s happening… Well, we’ll probably know by the end of next week.

Okay, I’m going back to my drama!

Thoughts – It SHALL be Today!

I reckoned that it’s not going to be that soon for me to migrate all the past posts to this main domain, so here I go instead of procrastinating it again and again, and waiting for previous posts to be migrated here, I’m starting “AFRESH” in this site today and making it more cheerful than ever! Let’s begin with a picture of my adorable little milkie which I’d taken yesterday when she’s 11 months old…

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