Ramblings #0675

8.27am – On my way to the course. Feeling okay except the thought of tonight’s dinner makes my blood boil. I guess it won’t be a good day with that thought in my head. But as I’d mentioned. There’s a limit to how MUCH I can tolerate on such nonsense. And this just ain’t one […]

Ramblings #0674

8.56am – It’s Tuesday. Tuesday… Tuesday… 12.59pm – ONE BIG THING DOWN! Collected the thousand tickets from USS. It’s Family Day this Saturday! Can’t wait to go for it! 1.08pm – Oh. I’m supposed to bring my lappie back home today… Urgh… 1.27pm – Suddenly feel like going back home and cuddle my baby.

Ramblings #0673

3.33am – That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. Little milkie’s been tossing and turning, and making noises (she’s awake), so she will be fed. And I’m going to clear my stomach that had been tossing and turning too for the past half an hour! 4.01am – No good. Stomach don’t feel good still.