Ramblings #0699

10.02am – Busy… Arms aching… Tired… 10.23am – Looks like I’m on my own today. My two lunch kakis are out today. One on MC and the other is having eyes infection due to an extension of the eyelashes. Well, I’ll probably just go and run some errands then, IF it’s not raining. The news […]

Ramblings #0696

7.45am – The sleep last night hasn’t been good with the little one giving out a cry almost every hour. Her pacifier had dropped in the middle of the night and for some reasons, she cried for it which isn’t really the norm nowadays. Thank God it’s Friday already… I’m having a headache again. 10.03am – […]

Food – Korean Food @ Greenwich V

Somehow the craving was already there before I reached. And as I walked into the foodcourt, it caught my attention being at the first stall. I knew immediately what I wanted to eat. Seriously, it’s quite fattening – Kimchi noodles, i.e. kimchi + instant noodles. But I simply needed something savoury and spicy. So without […]

Ramblings #0695

12.18am – The lil’ hub’s asleep. Little milkie’s asleep too. I just finished putting the jacket and socks for little milkie and am now just lying on the mattress beside her. Going to do anything? Nope. It’s already too late. And that has always been the issue… If I do my work at this hour […]

Ramblings #0694

1.07am – I heaved out a sigh. The thoughts of going to work tomorrow left me feeling low. 7.46am – Hang in there… 9.10am – Let’s… just keep it low today… 9.15am – My face looks solemn today as I walked towards the end. The joyous laughter of the girls from the other department. Was […]

Ramblings #0693

9.13am – Seems like another busy day… Good morning! 10.07am – The audit is closing… and now then they said there’s some issues… Couldn’t they said it earlier? Now I’m in a rushing mode AGAIN, thanks to them. 10.38am – TMD. 1.14pm – My lunch is so quick till it doesn’t digest properly. Going off […]

Ramblings #0692

5.37am – Gosh… did I doze off again?… 6.11am – I glanced at her, tossing and turning, her legs kicking at me, all the while with her eyes closed. This, is exactly the same as what I had imagined, while she’s still in my womb. So funny… 8.03am – Diarrhoea. Something to be expected after […]