Ramblings #0726

9.03am – Definitely feeling better today as opposed to yesterday! Maybe it’s for the fact that I’d had some good sleep and thus the happier mood. Today marks the last day of October and it’s the HALLOWEEN! Seems like there wasn’t really much fate for me to paint my nails to orange and black (pinky […]

Ramblings #0725

9.06am – I’m back in the *urgh* office. Mornin’… 9.13am – It’s a bad month. The month of October where nothing much was done. Everything seems to be hanging half way. November doesn’t seem like a good month to start anything major too. So that left with the month of December. So… let’s just leave […]

Ramblings #0722

9.14am – The head somewhat feels heavy after the “fight” earlier on. But well, she’s sleeping peacefully now, which is definitely a good thing. I tried but that’s as much as I can sleep for now. Hmm… wonder if we’ll be going anywhere later on… Maybe bring mum out to shop or else she’s going […]

Ramblings #0720

6.52am – Really envy those people who had no issue with sleeping, and can sleep anywhere and everywhere. I’m awake, again, since almost an hour ago. Thanks to little milkie who dropped her pacifier, and my bladder for insisting to go for a release. I seriously wonder what’s the problem here. Have had this sleeping […]