Ramblings #0846

7.36am – A nice sleep beside the lil’ hub! Ah… almost forgotten that today is Monday. 8.56am – Sigh… had I known that the lil’ hub is going to quit, I wouldn’t have opt him out for the company insurance, then at least he can claim for seeing a doctor. Hmm… wait a minute… did […]

Ramblings #0845

12.00am – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEBE!! I LOVE YOU! (although you are still quite irritating as ever) 10.53am – Can you imagine the excitement I have when I saw that email telling me that it had been successfully changed and updated without any other new errors popping up? 9 months of waiting, and I FINALLY got […]

Ramblings #0842

1.32am – Great. Simply asking me to find another husband isn’t solving the problem, that’s called running away from problems, and giving bullshit answer. Sigh… 7.23am – Nonetheless… I did have quite a good sleep… ^^ 9.37am – “Oh when I need you… you’ll almost here… and I know that’s not enough…”

Ramblings #0841

7.25am – *Reading back on the episodes of Rooftop Prince where he finally realizes that he misses her* Ooooooh… How sweet… I wonder if my Bebe misses me that much last time… Hmm… I doubt not. Damn. 8.56am – It’s going to be a nice day because the boss is not in office today!!! Woohoo!!! […]