Ramblings #0867

10.06am – It’s Tuesday and erm… right, it’s Tuesday. The sun is up high and bright. The wind is sleeping. Erm… *blank* 2.06pm – Attempted gym exercise failed, ended up at MOS burger. Wanted to try their new Saba rice burger but in the end decided against it due to the words on a sticker […]

Ramblings #0862

9.16am – Alright, so I’m back in office, feeling fresh and pretty! *LOL* Okay, maybe not really for the latter, as fine lines are coming out after the few days of late nights. Well, it doesn’t matter for I’m feeling good. Agreed, it’s definitely important to take short breaks. Short enough to not disrupt your […]

Ramblings #0860

9.06am – Urgh. Really felt like whacking the lil’ hub now. I’m already so freaking late, and he’s still happily driving slowly, and singing an awful HOKKIEN song. *Pulls hair* 9.16am – What, again, is the issue with these people? Why, do they always like to say that the others are rich, and then say […]