Ramblings #0890

8.54am – When things start to get missing or take a long time to be found, it’s an indication to seriously start packing things up and put them into places. Good morning. It’s the last working day for me. A meeting day. Damn, I hate meeting. 9.30am – Called MyRepublic. They will settle the billing. […]

Ramblings #0885

12.27am – Just finished making the base for the flowers and berries, bathed, took the milo and medication, collected all my crops, fed and animals and completed my orders. Had wanted to tidy up the blog a little bit as writing on my Nottie with the application is a somewhat limited. But… I think I’m […]

Ramblings #0884

10.25am – It’s Friday! And more news ahead! Firstly, we’ve got the Taiwanese guy who went on a killing spree on a train in Taipei that kills 4 and injured 22 others. Heard that he had wanted to die since young but am scare of pain. But would killing the innocents make it easier, on […]

Ramblings #0881

12.31am – I AM STILL AWAKE! Because the little rascal is still awake and screaming for food!!! Goodness… And I thought she’s supposed to be tired since she had an early afternoon nap today. Sigh… 1.19am – And there she goes, finally surrendering after I gave her a scolding and threatened to bring and look […]