Ramblings #0911

7.22am – As usual, when the big auntie is here, I wouldn’t have a good night sleep. But thankfully, I could use this excuse and ignore the lil’ hub’s continuous speech and little milkie’s questions, and grabbed some sleep. Sigh… time to wake up and wash up… If only today is Saturday, then I can […]

Ramblings #0909

8.43am – Why can’t the lil’ hub zip it up? O.O”’ 9.53am – Alright! Finally everything’s fix! I hope there’s no more broken links or images. If there still is, please let me know and I’ll proceed to fix it. Okay, so what now… let’s see… The boss is not around and I’m connected to […]

Ramblings #0908

心情果然还没那么好。一整天做有做没的。天气又那么的热, 都快被煮熟了! I really wonder where did all my motivation go to… Gone with the winds? Sigh… slight hiccup on the website now and thus some of the things are down. Hope it’ll be solved soon. Never mind, I have faith in Vodien!! Monday tomorrow… Would it be better?