So this is my view at this moment. Waiting for my food at the cafe at the bowling place. This definitely wasn’t what I had intended to eat. And things definitely doesn’t seem as fun as it used to be… anymore… The sis had gone back to meet her friend for dinner. Cuz had gone […]

Ramblings #1147

10.30am – The noise rumbles loudly. I wondered, how did he and she still sleep so soundly? The toilets of the opposite blocks are under renovation now. Soon, it will be our turn, and chaos will follow. I have no idea how the arrangements will be like. Am only hoping that it won’t be too […]

Ramblings #1145

It’s a daily struggle – to decide what I should do with that little spare time that I managed to squeeze out in between the pumps and eats during the day. Should I take a short nap or should I pack my room? Or maybe I should just focus on my sites that I’d been […]