Thoughts – The Minimalist Way of Living 2017

You know how some people can simply sit in an extremely noisy room and yet they couldn’t hear those noise? Not that they are deaf, they are just too focus to take note of their surroundings. I’m having one of my favorite happy food now at Harbourfront. Quality of the food today – SUCKS, but it’s okay so long I don’t have a stomachache later on.

It’s the 27th of December. In just another 5 more days and it will be a new year. Again, time flies. The time to make new year resolutions and reflect on current year has arrived!

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Ramblings – Disruptive 2017

10.33am – As I tried to plan my schedule for the whole of next year, I couldn’t help but wonder what can I do for that few months of disruption. You see, I will be moving house next Q2. And meanwhile, my keys to the new house won’t be ready till I have no idea when. So considering the time to take the keys, check for defects and renovate, I will need at least 3 to 6 months after April. And that means I won’t have access to any oven, which is like O.O

3 to 6 months of hiatus…?

Ramblings – Intention of Boss

9.57am – Initially it was just one person who is mad. Now there’s an additional person who is sad. That’s me.

Colleague came in looking rather cross and scary. Concerned me asked if she’s okay. She simply nodded her head. A while later, she pinged me saying that she’s sick and was supposed to be on mc for 2 days. Yet when she told our boss, not only did she not show any concern, she only asked for some information and then if my colleague is coming into the office today. So why am I sad? Well, I think I can give her that piece of information that she requires too, so why… doesn’t the boss ask me? Am I really that incompetent? Because if I really am that, then I will seriously think twice about staying in this department…

Ramblings – Stop, Breathe and Continue


That’s the only word or sound I can think of at this moment when my head is crowded with so many ideas, information and list of things that I want to do. My everyday was packed with all the activities and work that I need to complete. It had been fun, honestly, I truly enjoyed this change in my life which I’ve had wanted to do for the longest time. But at the same time, it was draining for I haven’t got used to it. Nonetheless, I am very happy now – a very exhausted mother of two. *LOL*

Well, I’m not going to write a few long posts about what I had been doing, so I’m just going to dump everything here.

First and foremost, I present to you the beverage that I have finally finished brewing and will continue to brew: MILK & MILO


I built this little world of Milk & Milo, in the hope of encouraging parents to spend time with their children, so that they can explore together. There are activities in there which you can try it out. It’s fun, it’s nice and it’s going to be real HOT!

And then there’s another thing that made me real happy too. Having to meet up with a real good friend who left to stay in another country with her husband. Couldn’t remember when was the last time I met her but I know it’s been long. A tad sad that she won’t be able to stay too long, and is here for only 2 weeks. But I’m glad enough that I’m able to see her and that she’s doing really good! Hopefully, I can plan for a trip to visit her soon.

I just signed up a program from Joey Yap and I simply love it! Not only did I get to understand a little bit more, I got to think through lots of things and made some decisions! Money paid worthwhile.

And then finally, after waiting for so long, another generation of Pokemon is coming out on the 12th of December!!!

I still have other things that made me happy but for now, I shall only write these for I need to get back to work already. I can only say I am really exhausted, with my eye bags weighing at least a kg each. But life is still good. No, it’s fantastic!

Thoughts – Registration for NAFA Kinder Arts Class

Wow. My goodness. I can’t believe this.

That was my reactions when I first went up to the level 2, Wing B of NAFA campus 1 at Bencoolen St, trying to register for little milkie for next year.

I was just being “safe”, after reading at forums dated 5 years ago that there were at least 45 people ahead when the lady reached at 8am at that time. After calculating the “inflation rate” for kiasu-ness, I decided to reach at 8am but expecting a little longer queue. But this… there’s at least 150 people in front of me!!!!


Here is just a snapshot of the front. Imagine the queue line was pass the staircase and all the way to the back, making a U-turn.

Now I am beginning to wonder if I need to do this every year. If it is so… O.O”’

Wow. And there are a lot of Chinese! Okay. Never mind. I’ve got 44% battery left. Hope it can last me till… I don’t know when.


It took me about 3 hours in total, to start queuing and finish registering. I reached at 8am and there’s already 208 people in front of me. Apparently, there are more vacancies for the younger ones at 5yo than at 6 or 7. Of course, children are being auto-promoted to the next level shall they continue to proceed. Siblings have priority too.

In short, if your child is 5 years old, the situation is not as bad as for those who are 6 or 7. Morning slots are snatched up faster than afternoon ones. The main campus are also more popular than the East Coast branch.

For myself, the slot that I chose was the least popular. So in fact, I don’t really have to worry so much. But I am telling you, there are parents out there who queued since 7am, and the queue number was already at around 80. So… Think about it yourself.

Thoughts – My Practical Husband

My husband isn’t too bad, honestly. He’s not the best husband in the world but he definitely isn’t the worse. Over the years, he already improved without me asking out right for him to, so what else can I ask for? But if given a choice, of course I wish he would be even better than now.

You see, he is a really practical person. I’m glad that somewhat he is but at times, I wished so much that we think alike especially when it comes to education/skills for our children.

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Ramblings – Reflection in a Puddle of Water

8.10am – Shall I celebrate today? For working for a year in this company already? Before I could try harder, another milestone had passed. What have I achieved over the year?

Let’s see. I’ve learned a few things except that I don’t have the time to practise. And hmm…

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Food – Rise @ MBS

My ex-boss is giving us a treat today at Rise in MBS! What? I’m on a diet? Haha, yes I am but for today, I am willing to just skip my diet! I was already so excited when I heard about the place although I’ve never tried before (reviews from a colleague was good).

Anyway, we reached for lunch and it wasn’t crowded at all. We did make a reservation though just in case.


There’s a wide spread of food from Japanese, to Chinese, to local, Indians and so on. I took a walk around and was immediately caught by one of the dishes – miso cod dish. That became my main target subsequently.


Of course for sushi lovers, there isn’t anything to worry for there are quite a number of sushi to choose from, and there’s sashimi!


That was my first plate. Took 3 kids of fish, steam seabass, miso cod fish and some indian kind. Love the miso cod fish!


Their dessert corner wasn’t too bad either. But with my stomach already filled with that fish, this is the only plate I can eat. Oops.

Overall verdict from colleagues: GREAT! Oh yes! We get to have some discounts because one of them was a Sands member and apparently it’s free to join! Do look out for it! I’m definitely joining that membership and going back for the food. Make sure call to make a reservation if it’s going to be a weekend.

Ramblings – Something’s BREWIN’!

I’m keeping you in suspense but something’s definitely brewing and you better drink it while it’s hot when it’s ready!

Am so busy these days and so lack of sleep, but in a very happy way. It’s good to feel so motivated and to work with someone with this kind of drive, at least it pushes me on in a good way.

Definitely excited! Can’t wait for it to happen actually. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be fun!

Want more? Here’s a peek:


Ramblings – U.S. 11/9

I’m still in shock. I believe most of the world are in shock too, especially when you see that sea of RED.


It’s been hours and I still cannot believe what happened earlier on, the voting of the Americans. Donald Trump actually won and became the next America President.

Was it really the choice of the majority of the people there? Or are they only voting against Hillary? Or maybe, most of them simply gave up their votes because they can’t vote for either of the party. Whatever the case, it seems like it’s not a dream and we might have a roller coaster 4 years to go for the whole world.

As unpredicted as it can be, he’s like a timebomb, a mad man that will turn crazy anytime and do something non-sensical. At least, that is what he portrayed of himself to the world. I hope I am wrong, I hope he can prove us wrong, and show us that he can really MAGA (Make America Great Again). But otherwise, the other country will be quietly creeping up from the back to take over the world, which it is already doing so.

The world of politics. Never my kind of life but then I’ve got children who will have to go through bad decisions by some people at the top shall there people who are randomly picked for it.

Looks like we can only pray for the better for now.