Ramblings #1249

9.14am – I just realised that my insomnia is back again. Or maybe it had never left me… just that the fatigue that I’m getting from the kids are simply way too much compared to the list of things that I’ve been constantly thinking. But now that my pumping had (almost) stopped and my parent […]

Ramblings #1246

6.30pm – Felt shortchanged? Yes definitely. But what can I do when I needed the cash. And I can’t possibly appear too disppointed in front of my director, right? I left my previous workplace to be at one where I think I will quite like the job. But who knows within 6 months, I had […]

Ramblings #1242

7.55am – Back to work after a day’s rest. Not really a rest, to be exact. Brought little milo for his 12 months old vaccination. So far so good. It’s either he’s very brave and never cry at all or that the doctor’s skill is damn good. Today is Thursday and my life is still […]