Same Old Feeling

I forgotten to wear my wedding band today. Not deliberately. I really forgotten… Was watching the Korean drama, “The Jugglers”, while preparing to work and entertain little milo at the same time, thus, I missed that out. Today, I sat in the bus and weirdly, I’ve got tons of thoughts in my head today. Not […]


I just got back from a short trip to Genting last week and boy, I am totally not in the mood to work today. With the weather so hot, my tired body doesn’t seem in tune with it either. And then the list of outstanding items remained outstanding as it is. Gosh. I haven’t even […]

There are lots of time where I simply feel like taking a break and rot at the beach but alas, with my annual leave emptied, I couldn’t do that. The brain felt drained. Energy too. I, just recovered (not fully yet) from a bad cough due to a virus that is spreading around the house. […]