Day 26 of Reboot

It’s 10.27pm. My brain is dead. My sister is watching the World Cup soccer match on TV. It’s watching me. A lot of things happened today. For one, I realised that I’ve been kept real busy since my portfolio’s changed. It’s a good thing I would say but I ended up packed and drained and […]

Humans are Weird

The time is 12.34am. I’m sitting I’m the kitchen drinking a packet of milk, which by right will caused me to have diarrhea. It’s weird. I started to become slightly lactose intolerant after the birth of little milo. Never could understand how it could happen to me since it was one of my favorite drink. […]

Just had an argument with the lil’ hub and of course, it doesn’t end up well. He is snoring away while I am wide awake. We had very different point of views due to the way we are brought up. How? For some reasons, I’m not in a healthy mental state. Plus the recent dizzy […]