Shopping – Charging Cable from Minisou

Seriously, this feels like the dumbest item I’ve gotten my whole life. I would say I love the charging cable from Minisou as the colours were very nice, not too expensive and it works nicely without breaking down fast. And so far, I’ve gotten quite a few from it.

So recently, I went to buy another piece as I forgot to bring back the one in the office. And alas…


I didn’t need a very long one, so I bought the 1.2m which is suffice. But I had the shock of my life when I saw the cable. I probably should have checked but this is the first time I saw such cables for charging phones!

And now, I had to endure the fact that I bought a 0.5m cable instead of a 1.2m, as it kept pulling my phone back to the power plug. Sigh…

It’s still a nice day. It’s Tuesday today!

Shopping – Shine Korea Supermarket @ Far East Plaza

You mean it’s still not enough to go crazy over the Korean dramas, and hairstyles of those Korean stars, and now you still have to eat Korean food?!!

Yes, it seems like the craze over Korean pops or whatever pops ain’t going to be over anytime soon, though it already lasted for quite some time. And now, though I’m a little hype over some of the dramas, unlike the lil’ hub, he’s into the food, especially KIMCHI. I like it, but not to the extend to need to buy and eat it.


Anyhow, I’m here at this Shine Korea Supermarket located at B1 of Far East Plaza. Am a little surprise to see it here though. I happened to pass by and saw it, which was good for the lil’ hub had been trying to get his hands on the MORE kimchi.

There’s a wide variety of Korean food in this supermarket too, which I thought was rather good. Maybe some day, if my taste bud changes, I’ll keep on heading for this small little supermarket that’s located around this island.

Shopping – Club 21 Bazaar 2014 @ F1 Pit Building

It’s here again! The annual Club 21 Bazaar sale! Ending this Sunday, on 26 October 2014!

I took half a day off to meet my sister who came early in the morning. Thanks to her, I managed to get 3 pairs of pretty shoes for little milkie. It started yesterday already, for their staffs, but today ain’t so bad. Morning will be a preview for Club 21 members, and after 1pm, it’s for Citibank credit card holders.


Crowds? Yes, as usual, there’s A LOT OF crowds. The lil’ hub had warned me times and again to be careful of my big tummy but honestly, there’s nothing to worry about because I’d personally seen a few preggy ladies like me, and some who seems to deliver soon (even bigger tummy)!

Anyhow, the items and prices seem to be slightly different this year. A few things that I’d noted is, firstly, jeans cost cheaper than last year. A pair of DKNY jeans that I got for the lil’ hub cost only $30! Secondly, there weren’t as many Calvin Klein dresses/jackets, though I did manage to get like 4 dresses. Lastly, the way they categorize the children’s clothes is a little irritating. 3 years old to 10 years old. GOODNESS! It would be so much better if they can have a smaller range! I had to dig through the clothes to find dresses and tops that can fit my little milkie. Thankfully and luckily, I managed to find 2 really cute cardigans!

All in all, I definitely still find this bazaar a good one as a lot of apparels sold outside with good quality aren’t any cheaper nowadays.

I’ll still go for the last day, to see if I can get some other items after they’d slashed their prices. Today, it’s more than what I’d expected, spending almost a thousand for the lil’ hub, little milkie and myself. And to note, it’s only the FIRST day. Though tired, I definitely enjoyed the shopping experience. *LOL*

*more photos coming soon…*

Shopping – Phoon Huat @ Sims Lane

You know, after realizing how much more the other retail shops are selling compared to Phoon Huat, I’d decided to just go down all the way from my work place, to the biggest Phoon Huat branch ever, and search for those items that I required for my course. Yes, it’s the one located at Sims Lane, about 5 minutes walk from Aljunied MRT. The location is great, really. Any place that’s relatively near to an MRT is great, nowadays. And after you cross the overhead bridge from the MRT, and walked that short distance straight into Sims Lane, you’ll see Phoon Huat almost immediately.

It’s definitely bigger than those few branches that I frequent, the one at Hougang and Ang Mo Kio. And there were a lot more varieties, especially on the Wilton and PME tools.

Of course, I won’t miss my chance of getting my hands on those things. Manage to grab a few on my list, and a few other additions. Oops.


Oh yes, remember to get some cash if you were to go buy things at Phoon Huat, for there’s a 1.5% discount if you uses cash instead of cards or NETS.

Now… I saw a cake stand (3 stands) that cost me $40 over dollars… Hmm… should I or should I not?

Shopping – Powerpac Mosquito Power Strike 6W

After walking round and round in the supermarket, I finally managed to find this on one of the shelves along the recommended section. Recommended, and 3 pieces left only. It’s easy to assume that I’m not the only one that has encountered this trouble – the mozzies trouble.

Right. It’s the time of the year again. Then again, the time of the year for mozzies to thrive seem to have lengthen as the year passes. I remembered vaguely that it used to be only during May till July. But now it’s only FEBRUARY! Goodness…


Anyway, I grabbed 2 of them and headed for the cashier. I didn’t want to end up with another empty shelf if I needed more. It only covers an area of 30m2 which definitely isn’t enough to cover the whole house (with corners).

This is the 6W one, which states size L. Cost me $15.40. Apparently there’s a size M, which is priced at $14 and is out of stock. And another size XL, around 2.5 times of the one I got, and cost more than $50. The size, is about 10cm x 10cm x 30cm (estimated). Doesn’t really occupy a lot of space, so it’s good.

Now, let’s just hope it works! *Pray hard*

Shopping – SK-II Facial Beauty Regime

Finally, I’m using the products that cost a BIG hole in my pocket – my new SK-II facial products! Alright, it’s new, but I’m definitely not new to it. I’ve been using it on and off, and getting it from counter as well as from those shops around the neighbourhood. But this time round, I’m back to buying it off the authentic counter as I sense some kind of difference in quality from those you get from the authentic counters, and those sold over the smaller shops.


Anyway, generally I only got the basics. And as my skin is a combination of the oily and the normal, I’ll have to be a little bit more selective on the kind of facial products that I use – the not so oily. So here’s what I’ve got:

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion: Toner, in short, supposed to clean up the pores or close the pores. But whatever it is, it definitely somehow clean my face further.

Facial Treatment Essence: The supposedly must have. A tad smelly but I’m kind of used to it by now. Gives you a “tight” and “fresh” feeling after putting it on.

Stempower: The first time I’m using this, so I ain’t sure how good. But supposed to reduce fine lines, which *cough* I seem to be getting a few lately… Sigh…

Cellumination Day Surge UV: That’s my sunblock for now. Nice smell.

The smaller ones are some samples given but I doubt I’m trying it for now. Will see if my skin can accept the 2 new items that I’m using before I try on for more. Apparently these products are not really suitable for all, so my suggestion is to get some samples first to avoid any allergies.

Lastly, drink lots of water and try to sleep before 11pm. The natural remedies are still the best!

Shopping – Club 21 Bazaar @ F1 Pit Building

After 3.5 hours, we are finally done! Yes, I guess that’s how crazy the Club 21 Bazaar is. From now till 27 October, opening at 10am, the yearly Club 21 Bazaar is now on and held at the F1 Pit Building. And there’s discount of certain brands of up to 85%. In case you have no idea what Club 21 is (like me), well, let’s just say it’s a multi-brand store that manages well known brands such as Armani, DKNY, Calvin Klein and lots more (some of which I’ve never even heard or seen before). And today, I guess after all the continuously bad and disappointing things, I manage to come for the preview of this bazaar!

Seriously, it’s an eye opener, even if I were to go back empty handed. The first thought that came into my mind, when I saw the freaking long queues (estimated 2.5 hours from somewhere near the entrance) with people carrying bags and bags of items, was… People are rich!


As the Chinese saying goes, it was “people mountain, people sea” (a lot of people), so much so that we had to squeeze our way through to the different sections of the 3 halls. And you can see people rummaging through the trays and shelves, as if its free.

By the time we were almost done and just waiting for our turn to make the payment, trays and shelves were almost empty, especially for the bags and accessories section. The prices were quite standard though, e.g. for tops, it goes in $30, $50, $80, $100 and beyond. And some of the shoes (which I didn’t really manage to take a look) were so worth it! Sigh.

I missed out quite a bit as I reached there a little late. But still, my total damages ended up at around $300. So here’s my loot:

  • 3 belts (2 CK & 1 Armani Exchange Kids)
  • 1 jacket (Armani Exchange), 1 shorts (Marc by Marc Jacobs), 1 top (Armani Exchange)
  • 1 sling bag (CK)


Honestly, what’s with all these branded stuffs? I have no idea but I’ll still be going down tomorrow because it’s SO FUN! Shopping is fun! *LOL*

Shopping – Sony MP3 Player (NWZ-W273)


FINALLY, I cast aside all else that I need to do and open up the package that was left at a corner in my room for weeks!

NWZ-W273, my new toy. Sony MP3 player. Once which I saw my colleague having, and it’s SOOOO cool till I couldn’t resist and went to get it for both myself and the lil’ hub (mine is the white and pink one!!).

How was it? BRAVO!! It’s REALLY SO STYLO!

It’s very light, and the buttons (play, next, volume, power, lock) are all on the earpiece itself. Can easily just plug-in to a computer to transfer the songs. The sound is alright too. And the best of all, it’s waterproof and you can even wear it while swimming! I tried once with my colleague’s one and I just fell in love with it!

Simply gorgeous… except for one thing. I’m the ancient-minded type, and I would prefer a lot more if the ear piece wasn’t of those in-ear headphones type. It’s… relatively… irritating…

Anyway, if that doesn’t bother you, I guess this product will be almost perfect. And the good thing is, it doesn’t cost a lot. For a 4gb storage, it cost round $128. Definitely worth it if you use it for swimming for jogging. I’ll try and use it for the latter. ^^

Shopping – H&M @ Orchard Road

JESUS CHRIST! What have I missed all these while?!! – Still recalling on my reaction when I first stepped into H&M just now, and seeing the price tags on those beautiful clothings. Geez… I didn’t know it’s NOT too expensive. *LOL*

It’s been a really long time that I go into town and shop since little milkie was born, 13 months ago. And though I’ve heard of H&M opening in Orchard quite a while ago, and had drove passed it several occasions, it never occurred to me that the price ain’t that steep.

H&M? A nice shop with 3 levels, and generally selling female’s clothings. But there’s a level for the men’s and children’s too. And as said, since the price wasn’t that steep, it didn’t take me long to pick out one simple top for myself, and then a few for little milkie (it’s mostly about her nowadays).


I’m definitely not the only one that’s enjoying this trip as little milkie tries on different hats and grinning happily into the mirror (she’s so bloody vain!). As her mum, I simply just couldn’t resist buying those pretty clothes and hat for her. And so I did, after some controls, gotten a hat and 4 tops for her! And all these cost less than a hundred bucks! Will I go again? YES!! And maybe the next time round, I’ll get more of mine. *LOL* I SIMPLY LOVE SHOPPING!!


Shopping – Wooden Cube Puzzles @ The Better Toy Store

It sure feels good when everything’s clear, and back to normal. I’m in relax mode and in extremely good spirits! Not that I don’t welcome a second one, I’m just not ready for it. Maybe in another few more months and we shall see. For now, let us just continue to stick to the plan.

So here I am, shopping around Ngee Ann City and went into this shop – The Better Toy Store, located at level 4, above Kinokuniya, and look what I’ve found!

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