Ramblings – Reflection in a Puddle of Water

8.10am – Shall I celebrate today? For working for a year in this company already? Before I could try harder, another milestone had passed. What have I achieved over the year?

Let’s see. I’ve learned a few things except that I don’t have the time to practise. And hmm…

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Ramblings #0935

8.35am – Singing in head after sending little milkie to school (tune to Lazy’s Song):

“Dont wake me up in the morning, I get mad and I’ll scream without warning. Let me stay here in bed, nice and warm, stop that wake-up alarm? (Wake up, wake up, wake up)

Who did invent the alarm clock? He’d better stay outta my way, I like to wake up nice and easy but the sound of that bell, it spoils my day!

It’s every morning. The same old story. When we reached outside of the gate. And little milkie will then start her crying. ‘I want to go to granny’s house…’


8.55am – THIS has got to be one of the worst junction ever! Look at this, the road in front of us is totally clear but yet we are unable to move because of the blockage caused by those vehicles turning to the right! Goodness! Whoever that designed this layout should be fired if he/she is still working. Terrible. Simply terrible. And the people that are currently working should be sacked too as they can’t solve this issue. Sigh…

8.58am – Okay, I shall go for a fat breakfast today.

9.54am – It’s another day. I’m still feeling tired despite sleeping at 12am last night. Or maybe it’s the quality of the sleep. I did wake up twice in the middle of it. Ah… ok never mind, let’s just try to stick to the plan… whatever plan(s) I have… Good morning.

10.31am – I’m thinking… maybe I should drop her and her out of the picture already. Seems like they weren’t as enthusiastic as they seem to be… Sigh… I’m back to square one. Indeed, it’s not easy to find a good and lasting partnership.

11.09am – Lunch appointment cancelled. Back to lunch with my lunch kakis.

11.27am – Wow! It’s already going to be lunch time soon and I didn’t realize it! Gee… I guess it’s time to log off my own network. *Yawn* Should I try today? Hmm…

12.59pm – Colleagues commented that I’m emo today. Am I?

3.00pm – In the meeting room, correcting on the spelling, punctuation, grammar and tenses of my teammate, again. It’s funny, really, when we have to go through such sessions. *LOL*

4.54pm – For the whole of today, my mind seems to have drifted to the land of dreams. And my hunger for food can never be satisfied as I threw down the food one after another with short breaks in between. What is happening? The fatigue that I’m experiencing Also definitely doesn’t help. Sigh… I want to go home…

Thoughts – Books. Inspirations. Dreams.

One of the greatest joy in life, is to be surrounded by books. Great books. Beautiful books. Books.

Like all its friends, they are slowly being forgotten. One by one. Handwritten letters replaced by handphone messages, CDs replaced by mp3s, a walk in the park replaced by catching a movie, books replaced by Internet and many others.

I love books. Really. Just a walk around Kinokuniya on a weekday lunch brought back the dreams and inspirations I once have amidst the mundane life that I’m living. How I wish I can be sitting on a beach and reading a book, or lazing on a couch with a book on my lap, sipping a cup of warm camomile tea in the cosy living room.

Life, that’s how it should be spent at times. And while not doing that, I’ll be doing the things that I love. Ah… just by dreaming about it brings a smile onto my face.

Will it ever come true?



Ramblings #0920

2.53am – Nice ending… ah… if only reality can be so sweet… *stares at the sleeping lil’ hub who had been snoring in his sleep tonight* Thankfully, I still have my baby. *kiss little milkie’s forehead*

3.04am – And that’s the umpteenth time that she hugs me to sleep tonight.

11.06am – Emails checked. Breakfast taken. Korean drama episode re-read again. Shitted. What else is there for me today? It’s a Monday, start of a new working week. Slightly shorter with my Friday’s off. The boss is on leave, and my admin on MC. The other lunch kaki is probably on a really extremely bad mood. Anyway, am I going to gym today? Hmm…

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Ramblings #0918

7.09am – It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog again. Shall spend some time to catch up with some of it. It’s another day, and the third day of school. Hope everything is okay. Let’s get it started!

8.45am – It really does feel nice to reach the office before 9am where a lot of people ain’t here yet. Let’s hope this will continue as long as my little milkie goes to school. *LOL* I really hope it’ll be better today…

8.55am – The lil’ hub just called me and told me that little milkie cried the moment she heard that the lil’ hub is leaving, and that’s like shortly after we left them in the school -.-”’ And what’s more? She cried until she puked on the lil’ hub. Oooh… Nonetheless, the principal told him to leave since she still continues to cry when he’s carrying her. So he did, and he’s happily now enjoying his breakfast. *LOL*

Anyway, heartache, yes. But I guess it’s just a part of the process. I am the one who decided to let her go to a childcare and I will still insist on that. We can’t possibly let her go her way just by she crying, right? That is NOT the way to go. So… poor little milkie, but GANBATTE! Mummy and daddy, and all, will be BEHIND supporting you!

9.13am – I had quite a shock when the principal messaged me (but very nice of her to talk little milkie’s photos and send to me, so that I know how she’s doing). Just moments ago, I ended the phone call with the lil’ hub, and then just a while later, I received photos from the principal (and I thought she wants us to bring her home already). Not photos of her crying, but photos of her playing with other children, enjoying herself… -.-”’


THAT, is my baby, my little milkie, the SUPERB actress! *Hands over the Best Actress award trophy*

I’m glad and thankful, nonetheless, that her crying had stopped (not sure for how long though).

10.40am – And the crying resumes… *LOL*

10.56am – Stop asking for goat or cow’s milk related items! My dairy factory is fully packed!

11.13am – Time to send the troops to bring the small little rascal back!

1.15pm – How nice would it be, if only I’m doing the tons of things that I like. Things that I had been dreaming since young and is still dreaming about it. Why hadn’t I fulfill it yet? Earlier on is due to distractions and thus got off the track. Now, I’m bound by the long list of commitments that I can’t seem to get out. Yet, I must continue amid all obstacles. Life, it has always been such.

1.37pm – Finally had the time to sit down and connect to my own network.

3.03pm – Just had a chat with one of the Malay colleagues. And he said it’s always best to leave just a small little of food uneaten, as the procedure for putting black magic on a person only works if that person finishes his/her food. Wow…

3.22pm – Thursday. 3.22pm. 2 more hours to go. Wrong. Today need to restart. So I’ll need to bring the computer back. Hmm… talking about computer… I’m going to get a new one soon! The boss had requested one for me, and it’s going to be a smaller one! Hey wait. Does that means I’ll have to clear up my files soon?! O.O!!

Ramblings #0826

12.30am – A nightmare probably? Coming in to see her sitting down and starting to cry, and then muttering something on her falling down… Hope she sleeps well throughout later on. I should tuck in early too.

2.45am – I woke up from a loud cry. It was little milkie. She’s crying for milk. Did she have another nightmare? It’s just 2am+… why is she asking for milk?

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Ramblings #0816

8.56am – Good. At least I know that she just don’t know how to differentiate and link the name of the colours to the respective colours, and not because she’s colour blind. That’s one of my worries since the lil’ hub seems to have some slight colour blindness.

9.00am – Little milkie is in good mood today, for she actually said “Goodbye” to us instead of the usual crying and not letting us go to work. Furthermore, it’s while I just played with her, and she knew exactly that I’m going off for work when I reached for my bag. Has she finally reached the stage where she understands that by hook or by crook, her mum and dad will still go and work? *LOL*

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Ramblings #0807

7.05am – “There was some kind of trial held by the government, on our foreign friends. The event was big. Lots of people attended. Me too, with my parents n aunties. The sis, lil’ hub n little milkie never go, which I’m glad.

The trial started and ended with quite an uproar. It wasn’t what our foreign friends had wanted. We left the place with my dad sitting at the back seat (because he’s probably too tired after playing too much jackpot on his tablet) so I had to take the wheel, luckily I managed to drive off just in time. For when we drove past the entrance, there was a truck of our foreign friends with …

And the next thing when we hit the underground expressway, we heard an explosion and screams shortly after. Of course, I didn’t stop and continue to drive.

We reached the cafe in our block.  I was so happy to see them. Apparently a few other places in town got bombed too.”

9.17am – I coughed, choked, and puked it out. Totally shock by what appeared in front of me. Did I just cough that out? A lump of slimy stuff that’s yellowish on the outside with some whitish hole form in the middle. Streaks of blood appearing in the middle too. I picked it up with my index finger and thumb. Goodness, it can be picked up. I called the lil’ hub over to see this, who (naturally) gave a disgusted look. Goodness again, what did I just puke out?? (Photos not uploaded in normal size over here for fear of disgusting people a little bit too much)

11.20am – Having dim sum at Yum Cha. Am on MC today to get some more rest. Let’s hope the fever won’t come back today.

4.54pm – Am i really?

10.59pm – The whole day had been… goggy and tiring. Let’s try and sleep earlier.

Ramblings #0794

10.08am – Who has got the mood to work? Definitely not me, as I filled my brain with images of how to finish up the decoration in the hallway, and then planning out the time later on to run some last minute errands, finish the decoration, go back home for reunion dinner with the MIL, and then lastly, the reunion dinner at my parents’ house with my aunties and uncles. The schedule is tight, and I definitely need the cooperation of the lil’ hub. If he refused to go back to my parents’ house early, that’s it. And that’s a HIGH possibility.

10.24am – And suddenly… I wonder if I can find a full series for next year… Goat? Hmm… in cross-stitch form? Mosaic? Rainbow colours? Hmm…


10.50am – Hmm… I’m thinking… What was I thinking yesterday while I’m walking back home…? I remembered I linked something up… Oh yes, the baby, little milkie. When I was pregnant with her, I did wish, many a times, that she’ll look like me, and be like me, but emotionally stronger than me. She did come out like that. Is it a coincidence? Or is the energy that I have that resulted in this?

The ancient alien theories, mentioned by the cousin. The power of the mind, God, guardian or whatever. Ancient art, metaphysics, Mathematics, patterns. The world, is definitely more than what we see and know. But what?

The Great Moon, governs all knowledge and secrets… Shall I? Tap… it’s help?

12.06pm – LO AH!! Here’s my first LO HEI, and am doing it in the office with my fabulous! Huat huat huat ah!!


12.30pm – Time to GO HOME, on my own. The lil’ hub’s still at home. DUH! Seriously no sense of time. But never mind, shall not let him ruin my happy mood, and will rush back now to finish up the decoration. ^^

1.03pm – Jesus Christ… The NTUC is PACKED! Looks like I’m only able to get my munchies after CNY.

2.00pm – Going back to my own house for lunch with my MIL. *hungry hungry*

2.27pm – Where’s the food…? *fainting*

3.21pm – Ang bao packed! I’m ready for CNY!!


5.04pm – Great. Of all times, the car had to break down now… Ah… I’m only glad that we managed to reach the carpark than stuck in the middle of the road.

9.56pm – Amid the hiccup earlier on, we (excluding the lil’ hub) continued to have lots of fun!


Here’s my little baby in front of the pool of food, cooked by both my dad (and/or mum) and my godmum.


And then there’s me and the moody grumpy lil’ hub who refuses to look into the camera.


Lastly, the mess caused by my second lo hei of the year! Well, apparently little milkie loves it as she was seen smiling away after the whole event. So sweet…


So that’s it. There’s still tons of things to be done after this. And I definitely hope the little hyper active one goes to sleep early tonight (which I doubt so). Shall try and continue tomorrow. Ciao!